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A movie, two stifles and a cute sneeze-conversation (18+, m)


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Many years ago, I was snuggled on the sofa with my hubby S. watching a movie. I wish I could remember the name of it, I only remember the bits that I'll tell you about now. It was starring Steve Martin and a girl - I think Goldie Hawn.

These two were in bed together and he was trying to get her aroused but it wasn't working until suddenly he sat up, turned away from her and sneezed - ACHOO! - and she said "oooh..... " He sneezed again... "ACHOOOO!" and she moaned "Ohhhhh.... do you think you can do that again?" Now he was intrigued and started faking one sneeze after another "ACHOO!... ACHOO!...ACHOO!... ACHOO!..." over and over and over as she orgasmed loudly and repeatedly.

Gosh, I hope someone is going to reply to my post and tell me that I wasn't going mad, this movie really does exist. Needless to say I was frozen in amazement and somewhat in discomfort as I watched this with S.

I only remember the sneezing bits from the movie. The next bit, was the girl was with some other bloke but not sure which one she really liked. This other bloke sneezed "ACHHHKOOO!" and the girl was like "hmmm, why didn't I feel aroused?" she didn't say that but you could tell that was what she was thinking. The bloke wasn't paying her any attention as she said, "Could you do that again please?" but he did sneeze again "ACHHHKOO!" and then swore, and the girl was all disappointed because his sneezing didn't do anything for her.

In the end the girl jumps off a bridge! But luckily Steve Martin is there and catches her, the film ends as he is holding her in his arms and sneezes onto her "ACHOOO!" and she arches her back and moans with pleasure.

SO weird! Please someone tell me it was real.

Anyway, on to the obs... the next morning S. was driving me to work when he sneezed a morning sneeze. He always stifles, unfortunately, but they are quite good sneezes if you have to have a stifle. Sort of "AAAAHHHH-TCHHH!" Says me, "bless you," and he replies, "no, you're supposed to go 'ohhhhh'," of course I knew immediately that he was referring to the movie the night before (can you suppose I had thought of ANYTHING else since??!?) so when he followed up with a second sneeze "AAAAHHH-TCHH" I did indeed moan "ohhhhhh," as requested, but you and I know I was NOT faking the arousal!

To the very best of my knowledge, this story is 100% true. Although I still wonder about that movie, I have never seen or heard of it since.



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Definitely "The Lonely Guy!" I've never actually seen this movie, but it is discussed often on this forum.

Hehehe, that's funny about your husband! :proud:


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