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More bowling obs-M


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All righty then, I have three observations to share with you guys, one new sneezer and a couple of my old favorites!

The first one I will share actually gave me three all together yesterday, the first one happened at work during the day. Jimisac and I were hanging out at the service desk, but I went into the phone center to look for something. As I was just about to come out, I heard his luscious and loud sneeze (I think he exaggerated it for my behalf, at least, I'd like to think so), "HEH-ESSHHHHUHHHH!" I peeked around the corner and said, "BLESS YOU!" He smiled a really nice and genuine smile and said, "Thanks." I thought I should be thanking him, but just smiled back. Then, when we were all done bowling, I happened to just catch out of the corner of my eye, a really super nice double from him! He kind of held his hands out in front of his face, prayer-style, but then sneezed without really covering all the way, so I got to watch it all! His sneezes were quick, and not quite as loud as the last one, "Eshhuh! Esshhhuuuuu!" I looked over at him, he smiled and laughed, and I said loudly, "BLESS YOU!"

Okay, so the other guy who sneezed is my good friend "J." I wrote about him a lot last year, but haven't really seen him much lately. Well, he was filling in for some absent bowlers last night, and he was on the lane next to us, so they were sitting behind us. His sneezes are kind of cough-like to begin with, but since I already know how they are, I immediately turned around when I heard him, and got to see the second sneeze. He kind of just turned to his left side, held a hand in front of his face, and let out two quick, "Heh-kuuu's!" That made me smile. :)

The last observation was from my friend Beckie's step-dad. He's a big guy, with gray hair and breard, and he was wearing a black Harley-Davidson shirt. He seemed pretty cool when I met him, but I didn't really get much of a chance to talk to him. Anyway, I was sitting at the table, and he was sitting at his table, right in my line of sight. I saw him give a really nice build-up, and then he thrust to his left side and sneezed, a nice, deep, resounding sneeze, "HASHHHHHUH!" Then he straightened himself up again and about ten seconds laters, did the same sneeze all over again! It was really just a great couple of sneezes to watch and hear, but no one blessed him! Poor guy, his sneezes went unnoticed by everyone but me! :)

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