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Bank on Her Sneezes


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I was sitting in a large bank lobby waiting for a banker. To the right was the teller line and behind the teller line was the drive up window.

One of the tellers was at the drive up window. It was a busy Friday night. A customer in a pickup truck submitted his transaction and as he waited for the tube to return, the teller let out a shrieking “YEEEE-CHEEE-AUUUU!!!,” that reverberated through the entire lobby area and carried through the microphone to the waiting customer. The polite customer said “Bless you.” She said “Th-thank, you," just before she let out another blast as the next vehicle in line came to the window.

She said “Excuse me” to the next customer in line. Apparently she felt another sneeze coming on and she decided to go back to a counter where she rested her hands, tucked her chin into her chest and let out one last “YEEEE-CHEEEEEE-AUUUU!!!”

Her co-worker looked at her and asked “Are you done?”

“I hope so,” smiled the teller, as she headed back to the drive up window.

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Your bank's open on Friday night?!?!

Great obs, by the way. I just couldn't get over the former, though.

It's open until 6PM on Fridays. Mon-Thurs they close at 5PM. They are closed Sat and Sun.

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Well geez! Talk about 'refreshing'! A fine read once again, thank-you, gonnasneeze! :) ...........and it is truly amazing that a bank can be open on a Friday night!!

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