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Im not into women sneezing, but this would have been a treat to female sneeze likers.

I was in the bulk foods section late this evening when a athletic women in her early 20s (5'3 and 115 lbs, brown hair)

ran down into the produce/bulk foods aisle. I was scooping some mango pieces into the bag when just ahead of me in the aisle I hear a very feminine, wet "hesssshhhh". I remember I kept sccoping up what I needed in the bulk foods aisle. But heard "hessshhh" "heessshh" "hessshhh". She sneezed either 4 or 5 times in a row, I was not trying not to pay attention.

They were medium-loudness, very wet and feminine sounding sneezes. I walked by her and noticed her nose looked very runny and pink. I know immediately after her 4 or 5 sneezes she ran with her cart into another aisle.

I thought her nose was very big, it stuck out from her face alot more then most womens noses do and she also had a wide nose.

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Hey thanks for sharing that. I like those types of sneezes. :cry: And you're absolutely right! Us er..."female sneeze likers" do like that! :shy:


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