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What did I do to deserve this :)


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Okay, so I have had a FANTASTIC past two days!!!! Just moved into a new apartment, midterms are just about over with, and M and I have been just enjoying the new place :) So, yesterday, M and I were at the dollar store (I just wanted to buy some cheezy things to decorate the apartment with for the fall and upcoming holidays). He was in his dress slacks and a button down shirt and I was in my dress pant suit (we looked very out of place at the dollar store, but I love that place) We were strolling down the second aisle and I was looking at all the little items. M was falling behind about 2 or 3 feet and I was just chatting about what I wanted to buy. I hear this fabulous "HHuuuppcschoooo" :drool: and let me tell you how fast I flipped around to see MY MAN bent over from his sneeze....I mean, I knew it was his from the second the sound left his lips (he has a very distinct sneeze....and I just love it) and i just stood there :blink:

I managed to act like I wasnt gawking because there were other people in the aisle, but my heart was doing an Irish jib in my chest. I managed to mutter a "bless you" as I started to turn three-shades of pink. M just came up to me smiling as big as can be and said "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" out of sheer accomplishment. It was the cutest thing ever :wub:

So, I was just peachy happy all day long!!! I was on-top of the world because even though I was fortunate enough to witness a sneeze a week or so ago, I got a full view of this one...it was loud...in public...and I WAS THERE!!! :D

Anyways, so to continue...this morning, M gets up to get ready for work and he is being all quiet to make sure he doesnt wake me. I was half-asleep, just relaxing before I had to get up for work when I hear that amazing "HHHuuuupsschoooo" again. Now, I thought I was dreaming, so I just laid there. I wasn't sure if I really just heard that. No more than a minute passed before M came into the bedroom with a huge smile on his face and said "goodmorning." what? thats all I got was a mere "goodmorning???" I wanted him to come take me....right there.....laying in the bed.....half asleep.....oh how sweet that would have been.....err, correction...was :) So, today was off to an awesome start.

But the day doesnt end there. I am fortunate enough to work with M in the same office at the University. We have different positions and jobs, but we are in the same vicinity. So, I went into his office to ask him to do a flyer for a program I am running and as I was sitting there (him looking all good in his dress clothes) I am looking right at him as he builds up into this powerful "Hu....HHHUUUU.....Uhuhuhuhuh" and then, as my hopes are riding high.......NOTHING. He gives me this little laugh and that same adorable frusterated look he usually gets, and as with all his build-ups I tell him "bless you anyways honey"

So, it was a good two days for me. And, laugh if you might, I am writing this as he is inducing on the couch. What a tease!!!!!

Fingers are crossed for at least one more natural sneeze tonight...I mean, I already feel lucky...maybe I should get a lotto ticket ;)

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Maybe you should get that lotto ticket, because you seem to be on a roll!! :drool: *Cheers* to the inducing excitement you are about to have!!

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Whatever you did, keep doing it!!! That is so awesome, blnde! :drool: I am deleriously happy for you and those wonderful sneezes from M!!! Maybe you should play the Lotto... :blink: I'm glad that he's getting over his little case of mental block/stage fright/innability to sneeze in front of you. Congrats! Let's hope for some more! Thanks for sharing, and please feel free to share any more that you are lucky enough to witness in the near future.

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