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At the turnstile at the railway station (F)


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Just leaving the station at a suburban location in Paris, I was about to go through the turnstiles when I hear "KISHHoo!"... and then again "KISHHooo!" - not very loud, but uncovered and obviously feminine. There were lots of people milling round so I heard a third "KIshhoo" before I identified the sneezer. A very elegant West Indian lady of about thirty (from Martinique or Guadeloupe probably), dressed in a smart suit, with blond dyed hair. She was looking through her handbag - for a kleenex or for her train ticket? and holding up people behind her. Just as I noticed her, she stepped aside, and sneezed again ; "KISSHooo". By the time I had left the turnstile area, she was still looking through her bag and had had another sneeze, and as I walked away I heard a seventh. Quite a fit for the early morning!

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Sounds awesome! Wish I had been there! Nice obs! :drool:

Agreed. Thanks atchoum. Only wish I had been there. :drool:


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