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Guest Dworshak

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Guest Dworshak

OK, so I am pretty new to the forum and this is my first obs, so I hope it's OK.

I was on a trip with work which finished today and yesterday there was a bizarre moment. Only about 15 minutes into the morning session (we were outside until lunch) this guy - I'd say he was about 20 - turned slightly away from the group that I was talking to and did two really violent wet sneezes (no vocal at all, just CHSSSH CHSSSH) before turning back to the group and composing himself. I could see that his face was twitching a bit after 5 seconds or so and sure enough he did a third CHSSSH. One of his friends turned round to him with a big smile and they both excahnged what looked like knowing glances.

Later in the day, when we were back inside and there was a bit of a break, he did two more (exactly the same noise and still very powerful) but this time two of his friends (including the guy mentioned above) turned round after the first one to watch him do the second and they all laughed together. And here's the thing: one said 'I just knew you'd do a second', and the other said 'You sneeze so much, that's way cool. I thought you were going to do three again'. The sneezer said that he still might and they all sat there waiting for a few seconds before he said something like 'not this time, apparently, you'll have to wait for the next ones!'. The second friend said 'I'm still determined to be the first one to do four - I may get some pepper at dinner!'.

Now what was all that about!!!!!!

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Darn it, I don't know what that was about, but I sure wish I had been there! I'm so jealous! :laugh: I have a friend, who said his buddies like to tease him for the way he sneezes, too. I wish I could witness that in front of them,a nd then say something snraky like, "What are you laughing at? Those were the best damn sneezes I've ever seen!" :cryhappy: Perhaps his friends know about his patterns, and have an inside joke about it or something. And maybe it has turned into some silly competition. Again, I wish I could be there!

Thanks for sharing a lovely obs, and an even better story behind it! :blushing:

Edited to add:

Welcome! And I loved the spelling of his sneezes! I also had a friend in high school whose sneezes soudned similar, so loved it! :wub:

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Welcome to the forum ^.^ VERY nice first obs, I detect a high attention to details if you caught them exchanging glances *thumbs up*

Also, I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but there is something nice and refreshing about a guy posting an obs about a guy...

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Very interesting observation. It’s always satisfying when this sort of thing happens in the course of your work.

It often means that you get to see if it’s a regular pattern or just a one-off occurrence.

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