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Well, lets just say today I was blessed with many "sneezerines" as Enzo would say, and I just had to write these down. Anyway, on with the obs. It started in biology class this morning when I saw a girl in front of me that was obviously having allergy problems,straight blond hair, skinny, with an average size nose but her nostrils kept flaring wildly and she was rubbing her nose a lot and I knew she was trying to hold inevitable sneezes back so I kept watching her and finally she sneezed a double and they were cough-like sneezes, which are really hard to spell so Im not going to try :bleh: . Anyway, then another girl almost 30 seconds later, also with blond hair but it ws curly and her nose was slightly larger let out a single, forceful Hehtseww! Then, to my amazement, less than five seconds later, the first sneezer did another double with the same sound :drool: . Wow, Im getting aroused by my own obs just thinking about it...... Anyway, after that girl did her double, a minute later the girl sitting right next to me, black curly hair, large nostrils, I think she was half-Hispanic, half white, anyway, she sneezed a double Ehuh! with a beautiful 5 second pause in between the two :drool: . Needless to say, I basically have no idea what the prof said about biology in the class today :laugh: . Then, my entomology lab prof, 22, long blond hair, hook-shaped nose, so cute sneezed and I had waited all semester for this! Her presneeze face lasted about 5 seconds and she was helpless as the sneeze began. She stifled it by using her middle and index finger to pinch her nose shut, which was so sexy! Anyway, it started with a breath intake and Hehpp...and then a release of air. she did this twice within about 10 minutes of each other and it was so awesome! Hope you enjoyed me sharing my sneezy day with yall!

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Meow ^.^ gosh that's a lot of sneezes :drool: I am so waiting to see my statistics professor sneeze... don't you just love it when your teacher sneeze? :laugh: can't explain that.. I just do :bleh:

thanks for sharing :drool:

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You've still got a lot of pollen in the air in Texas, so no wonder. Nice obs! Know what you mean about not knowing anything that was said while these gals were sneezing. . . . your focus was elsewhere. :drool:

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Hey my father way an Aggie but he never had such exciting descriptions of campus life.

Thank a bunch for the observations!!

Forget the 12th man when you can enjoy sneezing sexy Aggieland women.!


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