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Best Party Ever!


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Ok… 2 sentences of back-story to explain why this experience rocked my world!! My bf, R, pretty much always sneezes in singles. When I DO get a sneeze, it’s often the only one for the day, or there will be at least a couple of hours before the next.

And now, onto the obs. Last night there was a massive party at uni. R and I arrived together and met up with a group of friends. We were standing together in the line to buy drinks for ages. And when I say “line”, I of course mean a disgustingly huge mass of people all trying to push their way to the front. The music was very loud, and I had turned away from R for a couple of seconds. When I turned back I noticed he was sniffing and rubbing his nose. He smiled at me and said “I just sneezed; I think you might have missed it.” :laugh: I…was…HORFIFIED. I had missed a sneeze while right NEXT to him! I gave him a hug while he tried to make his nose stop running by pressing on it. Still sniffling quite badly and he commented to himself “I always sneeze at parties…”

Well... turns out he was spot on :omg:

Only a minute later, R took a sudden deep breath, which I felt because his left arm was around me. Since there were people squishing us from every side, he quickly tried to cover his mouth with his right hand as he sneezed violently. It was a very loud “ETCHUOOO!” which he directed into his chest. Since I had been half-hugging him when he sneezed, the palm of my hand had been resting flat on his chest, and I actually felt some of the force of the sneeze on my arm as his head jerked downwards. :twisted: As he looked back up he had a really surprised expression on his face, like the sneeze had come as a complete shock for him.

He couldn’t stop sniffing after that, and because the crowd was pressing in on us from every angle, it gave me the perfect excuse to stay very VERY close to him... :innocent: It only took another couple of minutes before he sneezed again, a bit less dramatic, it sounded like “heetchew!” This one came so quickly that he only just covered in time. He held his left hand in front of his mouth and accidentally jerked towards the people in front of us rather than into his chest. Looking completely astonished and embarrassed, he kept his hand over his mouth for a couple of seconds afterwards, as if worried a second one would come without warning.

I was amazed at my luck so far, but it just kept getting better. As we got closer to the bar, a small space opened up next to us where some people had left the line with their drinks. R got a few seconds warning before his next sneeze, so he turned to face away from most of the crowd just in time. As he sneezed “heh-hhshewww!” towards the ground in the empty space, he also tried to catch it in his hand. But… as my arms were wrapped around his shoulders at this time, the upper part of my left arm was right under his mouth. As his head jerked downwards when he sneezed, it mostly sprayed my arm even though his hand was partly-covering. :laugh::cryhappy::) Opening his eyes, he stared my arm for a few seconds as if trying to decide whether he had sneezed on me, realised he HAD, and apologized (“…sorry.”) while giving me a rather embarrassed grin. I seriously could have melted into a great big puddle of turned-on right then and there... :blushing:

The next happened when the drinks were bought. R was leaning against the back of a couch, holding a drink in each hand. I was standing directly in front of him, holding a drink in my right hand and with my left arm resting loosely around his waist. We were pretty close, but only because the music was so loud that I couldn’t hear him otherwise. He had leaned in close to my face to say something, but then suddenly pulled back, tried to give me a little smile through his obvious pre-sneeze expression, and took a few quick shuddering breaths followed by a huge uncovered “HEH-HHSHewww!” which he directed to the side away from me, over my left arm and towards the ground. Bouncing back up, he sniffed loudly and his eyes were watering. I think he was getting self conscious since he never sneezes in such great quantities around me, and said “Sorry! I don’t know why I’m sneezing so much!” I was amazed, thinking "are you kidding me? Are you not the man who figured out my SNEEZE FETISH??? God damn, I am ON FIRE right now, no need to APOLOGISE!!" :lol: and just by apologising he had managed to push another one of my "excitement" buttons, as I love it when he absolutely can't help/control the need to sneeze... and this was a perfect example!!

The last sneeze came while we were driving home. R and I were sitting in the back of our freind's car (designated driver :) ) and he was resting his head on my shoulder, when he turned completely to the other side and sneezed a rather loud and wet “heh-hhshewww!” He loosely covered his mouth with his right hand, but accidentally sprayed the seat on the other side of us a little, as it came too quickly. He sniffled wetly and glanced guiltily at our friend who was driving. Our friend just smiled and said “bless you!” After than R just snuggled back into my shoulder, and I was left absolutely ON FIRE, thinking that if parties make him sneeze like this, we have seriously got to go out more!!!

And also... sorry... I have no idea why this thing posted twice! Oops! :blushing:

sorry again, maybe this one can be deleted?

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WOW! :twisted: Freakin' awesome! I certainly hope I get some sneezes at my Halloween Party tomorrow night! And he actually sneezed on you, and you felt the force of it! Totally amazing! THANK YOU! :)

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Oh my God! What a FANTASTIC obs! Wow ... just ... Wow!

I hope you guys do go to more parties, and I hope you can report on those sneezes as well ... those sneezes sounded wonderful!

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