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A quick obs from last night at work-M


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So, I worked with my tall, dark, and handsome flirt, Bill last night. That guys is just yumminess on a stick, let me tell you! Anyway, I had to spot him on the fork lift for a while, because he was moving some lumber around. Unfotunately, I got called away to help set up a custoemr for a huge delivery. I was at the desk closest to where Bill was working. So, I was taking care of the customer, but then he stepped away for a minute to double check a price or something. And then, I heard it. One faint sneeze in the distance, that sounded an awful lot like Bill. I was itching to leave the desk and investigate, when I heard it again, only slightly louder the second time. And these were still not loud sneezes, he was at the other end of one of the aisles, and I just barely heard them! But, my sneeze radar still works pretty well. I couldn't resist, I walked over to the end of the aisle and glanced down. Bill was rubbing his nose, and there was a cloud of sawdust all around him, so I know for sure that they were his sneezes, which are so heavenly!!! So, Bill the cutie is now up to 7 sneezes around me! (Yes, I am keeping track in my head! :twisted: ) YAY!

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Dark cutie sneezing and rubbing his nose :drool: You're so lucky! :D I always enjoy your observations, sneeze, thanks for sharing this!

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Guest shiranui

Aww, you're so lucky Sneesee. I wished I had many of those 'yumminess on a stick' persons around me, which blessed me with great observations as well :laugh:

But well, I have the next best thing - your yummy observations. Thanks so much for sharing :laugh: although I might need a napkin next time, so I won't circuit my laptop with drool :laugh:

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Oh man, that's hot! I too wish I were around hot sneezy men, as you are. Sadly, I'm not. Ah well, I will live my sneeze-life through your obs now. Mmmmmm :drool:

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