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Ok, so I was in Health today. My teacher, Mr. Schneider, is about 6'4" tall and about 220 lbs. very cute. I've been dying to hear him sneeze, because he's so HOT! So in the middle of class I was sitting there doing my work as he was at his desk, all of the sudden I heard a very loud, yet short "AHHCHOO" comming from over by his desk. I wish I could have seen it, but hearing it was still good! :twisted:

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Yeah it was nice, for all of us! I have this thing for sneezy teachers, I wish I could go back to school, if only I had the attention span for it!!! :) Thanks for sharing, and welcome to the forum! :twisted:

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Sneezy teachers...Mmmm... :drool:

Welcome to the forum and many thanks for sharing this lovely little obs with us :D

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