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Yes, one of my rare obs. Here goes nothing.

So I'm at school, eating lunch with my friends, when I decide to get a drink or water, and at just the right time because when I was walking by another table, with tons of Juniors [they're about 16 years old here] and a few Seniors [17 years]. Before I could look, I hear a loud, feminine "Hup-CHOO!" the 'choo' sounding extremely loud and high pitched. I hear a ton of 'bless you's and I look over to see a tall, brown-haired Junior, her face completely red. You could tell she was about to sneeze again. Her head was held back, her mouth wide open and her eyes shut. "Eh... eh-CHOO!" More bless yous as she sniffed and muffled one last "EhCHUMPH!" into a tissue.

...I never got my drink.

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