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trying to be evil didnt work on him but instead on me...


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well tim was over. :) im trying to push his buttons innocently to see what gets him going :innocent:

so.. i scooted from the couch down to the floor to pick up my puppy. i got back on the couch, holding max and started wrestling with him. tim wasnt really noticing cuz he was watching the tigers game with muh dad during this whole thing and remember.. i was being all innocent about it. :omg: well my dad went up to go to the bathroom or something cuz it was a COMMERCIAL. wooeeeoo. i started hearing tim sniffle and his breath becoming more like he had a tickle. he kept rubbing his nose and stuff. well then i had an intense tickle :omg: i forgot the dog also sometimes gets me going. :omg: i turned away and sneezed a quiet *etshchew* then sniffled. i heard tim bless me but i was facing away and i started to build up again but had a false start. :laugh: Tim laughed at me and said "Aww u almost had it." i blushed bright red and giggled. then i replied, "yeah, darn it."

i think this whole thing had to do with karma. lol

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