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Rubbing an itchy nose


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Hi there. This is my first post on this forum and it probably belongs on the related fetishes section but considering more people probably look at the general discussion page I hope its cool to talk a little about allergy induced nose rubbing (something which I hope others enjoy as much as I do). I suppose my fetishes are pretty specific in that I love the sight of a pretty girl sneezing but its when its a result of hay fever that it really turns me on. A girl having to vigorously rub her nose because of her seasonal allergy probably does it for me even more than sneezing but a combination of both is obviously best. Sadly I have not been lucky enough to witness many examples of this first hand except on one occasion when I sat in my back garden with a friend of mine on a hot summer's day. She is a petit blonde haired girl, very attractive and a lovely snub shaped style nose which she tended to have a habbit of rubbing quite a lot anyway. But this day was like nothing I'd witnessed before. It started off with her sneezing a few times but for next two hours or so she was literally rubbing her nose non stop. It wasn't like she was trying to hide how intensely itchy it was either because she was literally rubbing her nose upwards, furiously with the palm of her hand like it was never going to stop. She was even saying things like, "God, please will my nose stop itching." I could not believe how lucky I was. I was seriously tempted at one point to reach over and start rubbing her nose for her! I will always treasure the experience. Don't get me wrong, a volley of wet hay fever induced sneezing is wonderful but this incident was for me personally one in a million.

N.B. I believe Britney Spears may have the same itchy nose syndrome as my friend. I only say so since a little while ago somebody posted a pic of her doing an impressive upwards nose rub. Plus I believe she also has allergies.

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Awhile ago the last guy I had a crush on, for some unknown reason i liked it when he coughed and sneezed, he was the only one...the guy i love now doesn't have an affect on me by coughing and I love him alot more. That just never made sense to me...

another thing um not really some seperate from my sneeze fetish, but I like it a whole lot more if a guy I like twitches his nose before and after he sneezes :D , I really love that, but i don't know why. If he just sneezes without twitching his nose I still like it because I have a sneeze fetish, but if they twitch their nose, for some reason that just really gets to me.... they can twitch their nose at other times... that will only affect me if i think they are going to sneeze right afterwards. I really love the whole nose twitch thing, I also like if they sniff a bit and touch their nose before and/or after they sneeze. I really like that too...but not as much as if they were to twitch their nose before and/or after they sneeze.... although doing all three is really great :bleh::D

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GHAAAAAAAA! Nose-rubbing! *melts into puddle* Awsome observation, elnorte! Thank you so much for sharing!

Oh - and welcome to the forum! :bleh:

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My new boyfriend does something really cute when he sneezes that I just love! When he sneezes he brings his fist up really close to his mouth so that one of his knuckles is just touching his nose and after he sneezes (his sneezes tend to be a little wet) he wipes his mouth with his closed fist while simultaneously rubbing his nose with his knuckles. It takes all of my willpower not to bang him right then and there!

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