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In my department at my university, there is a 20 something office assistant, an undergraduate. She's blonde with big blue eyes, about 5'3" or so, with freckles on her face and her hair in a pony tail. This past Thursday, she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and she obviously had a cold. I heard her come into the office coughing; this was the hint. Then, she disappeared out into the hallway.

I was photocopying a lot of sections of different books. Over the noise of the copy machine, I heard a sneeze "Et-chooo" from in the hallway. I thought, "Hmmmm.. could it be the office assistant?" I decided it must have been. She walked back into the copy room a few minutes later and coughed a bit and then walked into the main part of the office, sitting down in front of a computer, next to C. the department coordinator.

So, believe it or not, 15 minutes later, I'm still copying. The office assistant is a mere few feet away to my left through the doorway, but I can't really see her because I'm looking at the copier and book. But I hear a sudden "Et-choo." Then, she says "excuse me," and C. says, "Bless you." She says, "thanks," and I steal a look to my left. Her nose is rather pink, and she coughs a bit.

I finish up my copying and sit on the couch thingie in the hallway to organize what I have. So, I can't see anything, but I hear lots of coughing. Then, after about 20 minutes, I hear from my vantage point in the hallway, this enormous, high pitched explosive sneeze


And then C. or someone else saying "Bless YOU"

And instead of a "thank you," all I hear is a follow up

So altogether, it was

HuETCHIIIIEWWW - Bless You - CHHHHSSHUH with just enough pause in between for the bless you and that was it.

I thought it was pretty cute.

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Unfortunately, I don't know because I haven't been back to campus since that day.

Nice! Does she still have the cold or is she feeling better?
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