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Allergies, Very wet


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My friend, let's call her V, has bad allergies. Now let me give you a nice description of her. Long, straight, soft bright orange hair and light skin. She has lots of freckles and she is indeed quite pretty, with a nice figure. (don't get me wrong, I'm straight!) I have Math class with V, and she's allergic to pollen, dust and a few other things, but those are the two main things. She sits by the window, with me and our other friend, R. I don't see why she would sit by the window when she's allergic to tons of stuff outside and have me, with no allergies to pollen sit away from the window, but oh well, not the point. V sneezes openly, always in doubles or triples. Her sneezes are VERY wet, and often after them she'll go "Ew..." or "Nasty!" since she sneezes into the crook of her elbow most of the time. So V, R and I, plus the other three girls in our math class were just sitting and talking since we had all finished the test given. Suddenly (you guessed it), V takes a deep breath and lets out three wet sneezes. "Ah-PSCHHH! Huh-PBBT! AH-CHHHSCH!" She sniffs and goes "Ew, nasty!" Referring to the spray on her arm. Then R, being freakishly polite, says "God bless you!" V thanks her and gets a kleenex to blow her nose and wipe the spray from her arm.

Later, in study hall, V once again sits by the window. She must not mind sneezing much because she certainly sits there a lot. Not long after study hall had started, V turned her head from her laptop screen and i hear "HUH-CHHHSH! Ha-CHOOO!" V blew her nose and went "Oh no...." Before stifling one more sneeze "ha-hxnk!" Since R didn't have study hall with us, I gain some courage and say "Bless you," V thanked me and got another tissue.

So those are my obs for the day, if not too many.

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that is a very nice set of obs, and definitely not too many :laugh: thanks for sharing :bleh:

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Guest DocZoidberg

holy amazing! what an excellent obs of sneezing! very descriptive indeed.

explosive sneeze spray ! --helpless loss of control! -----I can only Imagine - nice description!

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Mmmm. Lovely obs Grape Ferret. I love wet sneezes like that. :bleh:

You have to make sure V sits next to the window all the time so you can catch some more great obs. :laugh:

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Oh, allergies........ . . . . theme of the day today.

Yes.......yes........I love allergies. :yes:

I miss mine. I think I've outgrown them. I had them for such a short period of time. :cry:

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