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I am really starting to love my job. There seems to always be somebody sneezing. :huh: We work with companies in other countries so we get a variety of people with what I like to call "ethnic sneezes". Most of us kind of group depending on where we're from and I'm really the sort of person who sticks with the same group of people all the time so it works out nicely.

Anyway, I was sitting with my friends, "A", "Y", "C" and "M" eating lunch. I guess I'll give a bit of a description of each so you can get some idea of it... A is dark skinned with curlyish black hair and he looks really Mediterranean (cause he is?). He is pretty muscular and tends to wear tightish shirts and kind of preppy glasses. Y is light skinned with really short black hair. His face looks kind of... Polish? He is pretty tall and thin, but not skinny. Just... thin. Broad shoulders. C is tottaly gorgeous! She has long dark curly hair that comes down to about her shoulders. She has these beautiful hazel eyes with shiny flecks of amber in them. Her nose is absolutely adorable! Cute and round, it kind of turns up a little and looks unbearably sweet when she wrinkles it up for emphasis! She is pretty slender and only about 5 foot 2 but wears a C cup! :D M also looks very Mediterranean, dark skin, black hair, etc. He is kind of hard to describe... He is thin but at the same time a bit muscular. :blink:

So we were sitting there eating and talking rapidly in some language that the people at the table must not have recognized as they were talking loudly about "those damn kykes". :laugh: So we were chatting along when A suddenly broke off and sneezed twice, kind of a, "HuTSCHOOoo! HuTSCHIOOoo!". :D I blessed him a little too enthusiasticly and everyone looked at me then laughed. :blushing: We started talking again about god knows what and a maybe 20 minutes go by when C quickly pinches the tip of her nose, turns her face to the side and sneezes in a way I have NEVER heard before, which of course makes it all the more darling, "L'tschh! L'itschhh!" We bless her and keep talking. Well, at least THEY do. lol I'm busy staring in shock at such beauty! :omg::laugh:

Finally lunch is over and we all go back to working. Or pretending to. :laugh: A couple hours go by and I get up to go copy something. As I'm walking down the hall Y is talking to a different "M". When I'm about a yard from him he sneezes, "HaISHHUH!". :) As I walk by I slap/pat him on the back and bless him whille still walking by. I turn when I'm a few feet away and he says thanks and we grin at eachother. :wub:

Sadly, that is all. There were alot more during the day, but those were the best! :)

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Whoa, sounds good to me! A lot more sneezes than I've heard lately! Thanks Anya! Keep us posted on any more! :D

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