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Yesterday, this really hot blonde girl, maybe 5"6 who sits right in front of me facing me, sneezed twice during class. I saw the pre-sneeze face first, and then of course the sneeze. after she sneezed she said "Oh my God i totally sneezed." Then she sneezed again. She told me she had a tickle in her nose that wouldn't stop, and ended up going to the bathroom with her other friend. It was pure bliss. Too bad I'm not a girl or I would have loved to go with her.

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Lucky boy Fanta! :D

I love that when you have such a great view of the sneezer and can savour the whole build up and sneeze in full.

Oh to be at school again!!! :blink:

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Oh to be at school again!!! :laugh:

Uhm....Dario? Trust me. You DO NOT want to be in school again. :nohappy: Careful what you wish for, baby my man! :D

And yes, I agree. You lucky boy Fanta! :laugh:


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