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I was over at my best friends house and she and I were sitting on the sofa watching tv, when her sister walked looking for here keys. She walked over to the table and started looking through all the papers when all of a sudden she straightened up and said "Oh, I'm gonna...gonna sneeze!" She stood there for a few seconds then (forgive me if this is spelled out bad, I've never tried before) "Aah-CH!! Ah-shew!!! Aah-CH!!" She sneezed quickly directly in front of her with no cover up at all!!!! And even though she was on the other side of the room, she was faceing us and I got to see the whole thing!! :D

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Nice obs Ana, and the spellings were great too. :D

I also love that "gonna sneeze" thing. It's great to get a bit of a warning. Should be compulsory IMO.

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thanks! :drool: I'm so happy that I finally got up the nerve to become a member! :D I found the site a while ago but was to chicken to join.

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