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My friend V (tall, red hair, very pretty with a nice nose and large nostrils) had a mini fit today in the locker room. We were all dressed and waiting for the gym teacher to show up. Me, R ad V were sitting on a bench-thing and V suddenly takes a deep breath, her nostrils flare and she openly sneezes "Ah-CHSHHH! HA-P'TCH! Ha-T'CHH!" R blesses V before she lets out more wet sneezes. "Hup-CHASSH! Ha-CSCHH! Heh-SCHH!" R blesses her again and V stifles two more sneezes and lets out one final "CSHHH!" Then one of my other friends, K, says "It's not healthy to hold in your sneezes," and V tells her "Sorry, my arm was just getting kind wet!" and laughs. "I sneeze a lot when it snows, I don't know why!" She concludes (It snowed this morning). "Wait.... one mo-more.... HA-CHSXXNK!" She apperently tried to stifl but failed. "God bless you!" R says. V sniffed (VERY wetly) a few times and thanked her. I hadn't said anything for about ten minutes (no surprise there, I'm generally a quiet person) and just said "Uh.... let's go upstairs!" Trying to change the subject.

I wish I had more obs to share... I'll try to catch some more sometime!

~Grape Ferret

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Great ob, thanks so much for sharing my fav king... nice and wet! i would so love to see her arm

MEE too! love that vicious kind of sneezing......hooray for sneeze spray! thanks for sharing! awesome obs Grape, her sneezes must be quite misty indeed......:D

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Sneezy redhead... I very much approve ^.^

She sounds like a bucket of fun! thanks for sharing :D hope it keeps snowing... :D

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Mmm mmm, gotta love locker rooms! :D great obs! looking forward to more!

I certainly love the one you posted, SneezeWolf, about how you and some other hottie were both completely naked and a third woman walked in all covered with cat hair.

And I love this one, too. Thanks Grape.

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