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I was at work yesterday walking down the hall when I see this guy come out of nowhere. He was about 5'11, 165 lbs, early 20s wirth dark hair. He walked passed me but I saw him getting the look and all the sudden he did two "HHHHAAAATTTSSSSHUMMMM" "HATTTTASSSHUMM" two very deep throaty, masculine sneezes as he walked passed me :D . I saw his back hutch forward and him lean over walking they were so incredibly powerful.

Sorry, for going on I hope I see this guy have a sneezing fit someday ;) , two is not enough with his incredibly forceful deep and forceful sneezes :D

Kudos for him having the most robust sneeze of 2006 so far!! I have an idea of what his award should be??? :D A salt and pepper kit for cooking :wub:

Also Sunday night I was having a cup of coffee and this very tall, very muscular guy was studying. Id say he was early 20s, 6'4, 240 lbs (Because he had such huge muscles) and had brown hair. He was studying when all the sudden he did "HHHHAATTSSHHHH TSSSSHHHHHHH" He did a double sneeze without a breath in-between. :twisted: Love that kind of sneeze! :laugh: Not as forceful sneezer as Id think for such a tall, muscular built guy.

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Lovely double sneezes! Although they were very different from each other, they were each very nice in their own, special way! Thanks! :D

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a back-to-back sneeze and a robust double - what more can you ask for in one day!

I'm with you on the forceful sneezes being the most sexy. I wonder if that says anything about us ?

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