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My first Self Ob.

Guest Mingo

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Okay, okay, first time doing this, so I'm still a little nervous...I mean, I don't usually describe any of this...Except for in my head, really. But anyway, here it goes... ( I'll try not to babble on as much as I can, though I have a habbit of doing that... )

I was helping my friend move earlier today...He and his girlfriend have made plans to move in with eachother, and so, naturally, I'm the one who gets stuck helping...As would be expected, the place was dusty, and to top it off, my friend had recently got a kitten...Two things I'm pretty bad with right there!

I'm not all that fond of sneezing in public - even if it's just my friend, his girlfriend, and a cat - so my own mental block starts to do battle with the tickle in my nose....I eventually managed a few stifiles while I was there, though it was far from enough...My eyes were watery and itching from the cat, and I'm pretty sure my nose was turning a bit pink...I must have looked like shit, because I can remember my friend asking me a few times if I was alright...I just nodded, telling him it was just the dust and I'd be fine. Reluctantly, he took my word for it...I really didn't want to bail on him since we were only about half way finished.

Either way, I managed to hold out until the walk home...It was still early, and to my knowledge, the streets around me were deserted...My sinuses still pleading for relief, I finally decided I may as well just go ahead...I sniffed sharply a few times to get it going, though I don't really think it was needed. A few seconds of silent build-up, then at least 10, 11...Maybe even more sneezes, all extreemly wet, and for the most part uncovered. I'd say they sounded a bit like 'ha-shoo!', although I can't be sure...Never actually tried spelling them out before..

Anyway, that was it for sneezing, though now that I'm looking back on it, I feel like doing a bit more. I hope for a first ob that was alright, but I dare say it's a bit...long. I just wanted to include all the details, so I hope you're all still awake after having read all that! ^^;

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VERY nice! I'm sorry you had to go through that, though. It's good that you were able to clear your sinuses in the end though! I know how that feels...

~Grape Ferret

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Wow, that was amazing! I am just in awe of our first self-obs, and how you managed to hold off on those sneezes until the walk home. Bless you! And thank you! :D

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Thanks for the obs. It' s a hard one to start off with a self observation at that !

You may well grow out of the sneezing in front of other people block - I did. But then I wanted to.

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Excellent first obs! Bless you x 11! I, too, am impressed that you were able to fight off your sneezes until your walk home. Cat sneezes for me usually just come, and there's not a whole lot I can do to stop them!

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Wow! Really hot.....what a wonderful first obs posting. Thanks for sharing :laugh:

And if you ever want to help me move :P hehehehe

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Terrific first obs. Please feel free to continue sharing with us. Bless you and way to fight the good fight............even if it was only temporary. :P

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Guest luvsneezes

What an awesome first self-obs! Thanks for describing in such detail...that's just the way we like it! Obs can never be too long in my opinion!!! I can't believe you held off on sneezing for that long given the combination of two major allergens! I hope you're feeling better after letting the sneezes out!

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