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So, this week was fabulous. Let me tell you why!!!

I have to jump back a few days, I have not had time to post, although these obs are fresh in my mind like eggs right out of the chicken. So, here goes.

Monday night. I was busy in the kitchen of our apartment making dinner for M and myself. M was being a doll and helping with the dishes, as I was busy making more of them. M walked away from me to go to the bathroom as I juggled rice pilaf on the stove, broccoli in the steamer, pork chops in the oven and some fresh winter squash. Just as M hits the bathroom, I hear the buildup and flip around from the stove to see M dashing out of the bathroom into the hall to make sure I saw him sneeze his signature "HUUuuuupppschoooo" :laugh::D Mmmmmm, I got my sweet desert as that sneeze just sent shivers down through the small of my back. He came running over and nuzzled up against me from behind.

"did you see that?" M says to me

"mmmmmhmmmmmm" was all I could reply with.

"Bless you baby" I managed to spit out.

So, anyways, the night went on as usual. We had dinner, cuddled, enjoyed our time togehter.

On to the next day:

M usually gets up before me to get ready for work, so after his routine morning shower, he came back into the bedroom to get ready. He was all dressed and ready to leave for work, re-setting the alarm so I could wake up when I hear a muffled "Hhhuppsssschoo" Now, that was a great alarm because I was not wide awake. I blessed him, grabbed him, and tried to get him to stay for a little bit longer, but he had to go to work. He managed to pry himself away from me and left for work. Leaving me alone....heated....and very jelous that it wasnt 10 minutes earlier.

Damn timing!!!

That night I was laying in the bedroom studying for my exam for wednesday wile M was playing on the computer. That same day....that exact same day I hear it again. "HUUUUPPPPSCCHHOOOOO" :laugh: he came running into the room to see if i heard that with this huge silly grin on his face. It was adorable. I just love it when he does that. I blessed him and told him that I had indeed heard it.

That never happens. Twice in one day. Three times in two days...yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!

So, wednesday, this one co-worker of mine is just the biggest sweety in the world. I have been dying to hear him sneeze for sometime and I finally got that chance. We were working on two adjacent computers and he had a very short buildup and this fullbodies "hhhuuaaachoooo" I blessed him. Very cute. No dissappointment here. But five minutes later, I was fortunate to get another great sneeze from him.

Then, when we were in class that night, sitting next to one another (we like to flirt innocently) he sneezed again. This time it was more quiet, but still absolutely delicious.

Hope you enjoy...I know I did!

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I sure did enjoy this! :D Not only did M indulge you, but you got to see soemone you wanted to see sneeze, sneeze! That's the best thing ever! I'm so happy for you! Thanks for telling us about it! :laugh:

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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :D This post was just fabulous, I love it when they indulge you like that!! You were right about the 'delicious' bit! :P

And... you cracked me up twice while reading that...

these obs are fresh in my mind like eggs right out of the chicken.

Mmmmmm, I got my sweet desert as that sneeze just sent shivers down through the small of my back.


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He always has the cutest reactions to his sneezes. Like a kid...he will ask, "did you hear that, did you see that" and then procede to jump like a gitty school child. It's really cute, especially when he realizes he is doing it.

But, I understand him, its like hitting the love-lotto. He knows when he does, he gets mucho lovin' from me :P

Also why he has the worst mental block ever...he gets over excited before he manages to get the sneeze out.

Funny guy he is. A real sweetheart.

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