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Boy friend sneezes! (m of course)


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My boyfriend and I have been "going out" for about 3 weeks now, and he seems to have allergies :lol:. I've seen him sneeze several times, and he has the cutest way of doing it. He's real shy, and always tries to remain as unnoticed as possible. If standing near anyone he turns fully around, bends over, and cups his hand over his nose. I love the way he does it; it's soooo adorable! His sneezes are usually soft, and he seems to gain control immediately after, only sniffling lightly a few times.

Well, anyways, just thought u'd like that bit of info. Wish me luck withmore sneezey experiences, and the same to you guys! With a kiss and a shout, I'm over and out!!!!!!!!!!!

~Drea~ :lol:

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