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Sneezey dude!! (m obs) not to impressive


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I was at work when at 9:48am this dude let out a HuuTTSSSSHHH, about 5 minutes later he let out another HUTTTSSHHH AT 9:53am. Intense sneezes, but not the "robust" ones I heard from another guy the day before. :) :

I was bored so I took out a writing tablet as I was on the computer and jotted down the times the guy sneezed. :D

I think I am make it a habit and write down the words they say and times they sneeze.

Anyway this guy was 5'9, 20 years old maybe, very thin maybe 130 or so with brown hair.

Not to impressive but none the less, I try share all double or more sneezes I see from the guys. :P

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I don't know, they sound pretty impressive to me! I love it when people write down stuff like that, because then I know that I'm not the only dork out there who does that! :D Thanks for sharing, and please share any more of his future sneezes!

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