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coworker sneezes


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Haven't had a chance to post in a bit but thought I'd share another work ob.

I told you about A last time. Well he got over his cold rather quickly but sneezes at least one a day now. Maybe we're stirring up more dust now, I don't know. Anyway he was walking across the room when he suddenly stops and lets fly a hard loud 'aptchaaa, hupchooo, upchoo' 3 in a row. All uncovered the first bending him over at the waist and the other 2 he was a bit hunched over. I found this an immediate turn on. I blessed him. He grabbed a kleenex and blew his nose then sneezed 1 more time 'eptchew'. That did it! I had to excuse myself to the bathroom.

The other guys I work with sneeze on a regular daily basis as well but they don't get to me like his do. He's hot but unfortunately married so...

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