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Well, That was a nice day :)


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Well, Friday was a nice day :)

Usuall Friday sucks for me becuase i have to swap from my mum's house to my dad's house or vice versa (doestn matter which i hate moving anyway :D ) and i wasn't looking forward to it, but it was good.

Ill tell you why, shall I?

ok, first of all i had my little midnight spell that night of waking up and sneezing a few times. I remember vaugely my dream, i was running around my old primary school and everything was somehow very....different and there was a goat in the playground :laugh: ......and then i opened my eyes and haah-pshooo!!! i was awake! for the time being, anyway. Then he-eshhooh!!.......*sniff*.........pshooo!!! he-psheeh!! ...........eshhooo!!.......................and i went back to sleep :bleh:

That morning on the bus i hopped on, said good morning to the crotchety bus driver, sat down in my window seat (3 rows from the front, on the left) and the bus started to drive away. i was gazing out the window listening to a couple of girls gabbling away at the back when my friend that gets on two stops after mine stumbled on.

She collapsed down next to me with a sigh, brushed the hair out of her face and said "Guh.....I have hayfeber. I f***id hate it."

Her name is.....well lets just call her H. she's medium height, straight chesnut long hair, flattish nose and big smiley face. I love chatting to her on the bus :blink:

Well, thats exactly what we did for the next two minutes before she stopped and rubbed her nose hard with her palm and began searching in her bag.

I asked her what she was looking for and she said, "Ergh, tissues. Im gonna sdeeze. Crap, i candt find any. Ah sh***, im gonna have to hold it in."

there was then a long, slow, silent buildup. H was leaning back in her seat, all the while getting closer and closer to sneezing, then........"hhiih-ggnnnchhtt!! eeeeeeerrrrrghhh!!! Yuck, sorry"

I shrugged. "No problem. Sneezes dont bother me (COMPLETE AND UTTER LIE!!!....well, sort of. They bother me in a .....different sort of way :rolleyes:

When i got to school the first few lessons were pretty boring, but not terrible. Recess came and went, third period dragged on forever and finally reached fourth period, health.

At the moment we are working on the lungs and the breathing, and watching a whole heap of crappy 90's videos on the lung passages and ..... :)

Anyway, today Mr C stood up in front of the class and announced, "Today we'll be looking at the nose. Ive got a video you will watch."

I celebrated inside :drool:

the video was fantastic. It was reeeally ancient, but it had a whole lot of people sneezing in it. First a guy was standing with his wife in a kitchen. There was a pot of yellow flowers on the table and he sniffed the air, pulled out a handerchief and sneezed a hearty; wuuummpphhhchooo!!!! muffled into his hanky.

Then a woman was sitting in a field on a picnic rug with one of those huge puffy hair-do's and a white shirt tied up above her belly and SHORT shorts leant forward and emmitted two, rather high sneezes; eeeshheeew!!! tcheeew!!!! into the back of her hand.

I like that movie :)

On the way home my friend D took the same route and we walked and talked. He is from Canada, and he is tall, round(ish), slightly metrosexual, and has an incredibly good sense of humour.

On the way home he was in the middle of saying something when he staggered forwards slightly, bent over and sneezed a loud, deep, "currrshhoooh!!" stood up, wiped his nose, said "excuuuuuuuse me!" and we walked on :D

I like Fridays :laugh:

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That sounds nice, thanks for sharing.

Waking up, sneezing a bunch, andgoing directly back to sleep sounds interesting.

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This was an awesome observation, what a great way to improve your Friday!! :nohappy:

I loved how both your friend on the bus and your Canadian friend made comments about their sneezing, it's always fun to have either the warning or acknowledgement... yummy! ;)

Your comment about the video you watched really did bring back the weirdest memory for me though. I know what you mean about old 90's videos, when I was in year 7 and 8 teachers used to stick them on all the time when they couldn't be bothered taking a lesson. Well yeah, my memory is this... when I was in around 13 or 14 I clearly remember my teacher putting on this video in our science class. I think it was something educational about germs or micro-orgainisms or something. I remember this one scene, where this guys face was against a black background, and they showed a clip of him doing this huge sneeze (and all the spray was intentionally made obvious against the background), then they showed it again in slow motion! :heart: Later in the video they showed a guy sitting in his kitchen, sneezing as he is trying to eat breakfast. It was a interesting video... :)

Once again, great obs, and I'm sorry to hear about how Fridays usually suck for you... fingers crossed for more like this one eh?

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Out of it all, your self obs was the bestest (yes, I said bestest :) ) I really did love the whole thing though :D you rock!

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