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While reading some teacher obs'es here, I thought of one of my memories at my math teacher I will never forget.

(It's a very looooong time ago, I hope you don't mind, it's just one of my favorite memories of high school)

I was 13 years old and had a crush at my math teacher. He was tall and slim, mid 30's, brown hair and a beard. Although he wasn't ugly, he wasn't the type, young girls fall in love with. But he was always very nice to the class, let us play games much, makes jokes etc. He was always very gentle to me, a bit more then to most of the other kids. As a child I didn't get why he was so nice to me and it made me get a crush on him. (now I am a teacher myself and I understand he just cared for me, because I sometimes had hard times with other kids teasing me)

I was in his class for 3 years but this was the only time, he sneezed, I guess thats why I remember it that well.

Anyway, one day we came into the classroom. I was sitting down at a table in the front of the classroom. A boy in my class walked upon my teacher to ask him something, as my teacher suddenly starts to blink with his eyes, and hold his finger up as a sign wait a minute. He had such a good pre sneeze face, but the boy didn't get it and went on with it's question. My teacher turned around, and sneezed a loud AchhOO, covering his mouth and nose with two hands. The boy said outloud: wow do you got a cold or something. He answered: Yes doctor I do. The rest of the lesson he was sniffing a lot but he didn't sneeze anymore.

I didn't pay much attention on my math lesson this day. :)

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I wouldn't have paid attention to math either after a sneeze like that! Really nice memory! Thanks for taking the time to write it for us. :D

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