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I'm new here! :]


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Okay so I’ve been a lurker around this forum for awhile now and I’ve finally decided to join so I could post some of my favorite sneezy obs for your [and my] enjoyment!! I’m going to try my best not to screw up this ob, I’ve never written one before. :unsure:

Anyway let’s get on with the ob! :lmfao:

Well there is this guy in my class. He’s really tall, like 6'3, shortish brown hair with a nicely shaped nose. He’s MAJOR hotness. But anyway he has been having this really bad cold for awhile now and let’s just say it’s really hard to concentrate on the teacher with all his sneezing... :naughty:

He sneezed 5 times in one day, I think a part of me died with pleasure on that day! :innocent:

So yeah, I was listening to the teacher talking about something..I have no idea what it was.

When suddenly I hear his breath hitch “Heh..ehhh” and I whip my head around to watch him.

And I see the hottest pre-sneeze expression EVER. :laugh::hug:

Then it happens.


His head snaps foward and he catches the sneezes in his elbow and shakes his head afterwards with a dazed look on his face, sooo cute!! :innocent:

But it doesn’t end there! His eyes slowly close again and another “Heh-CHOO! Ahh-SHOOO!!” escapes.

By now everyone is staring at him [including me of course] and he laughs with embarrassment. I thought that would be the end of the fit. But suddenly I see his nostrils flare widely again!! :bleh:

Then the fit ends with a violent “EHH-SHOOOOO!!” in his elbow. I’m practically melting at that point. :lol:

I hope everyone enjoyed my first post and I hope I see more sneezes from him soon! :D

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My god, that was delicious to read. Reading that made...me...like..well. Let's say my fants cuaght on fire, exploded, died, revived, and it repeated. It was lovely. I can picture it.

Please don't hesitate to share more. <3

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Welcome to the forum! :laugh: Fabulous obs, wish I went to a mixed school :D Honestly it's the bane of your life, when you have friends who do not communicate unless you stand a foot away from them and ask them direct questions. But I digress, lovely obs, really well described.

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Wonderful observation! So lucky! Welcome, and thanks for sharing this cold-ridden cutie with the rest of us! :D

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EXCELLENT! Thoroughly enjoyed...and I am new too..and remember my first obs...scary cause you wonder how it will be recieved...so KUDOS to you and that great obs!


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Welcome to the forum, dear!!! Hope you have fun ...

Excellent obs ... he sounds like a peach! I love when they get embaressed ... it makes it so much cuter!

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hello! :(

what LOOOVELY obs!!!!

wonderful to have a brand new member with a talent for writing obs on the forum :drool:

Thankyou and welcome!!!

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