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Who knew Public Speaking was so fun?

Teh Ninjin

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There's a guy I like in that class. I won't reveal his real name, so let's just...call 'im Rick. That's nothing close to his real name. xD

But he's about "5,6" (we're not done growing yet. so what? XD), curly dark brown hair that's.... a teensy bit shaggy, and brown puppy dog like eyes. He reminds me of the guy who played Tag on friends. Rachel's assistant. Only..not as tall and buff.

But it was in the middle of some presentation/speech about the Mandalay Bay resort, and she was motivating us why we should go there when we go to Las Vegas.

Anyhoosers, He was sitting a fiar distance away, he's a good friend, I have a huge crush on him, and this only made me want him even more. About half way in her intro he wriggled his nose and his nostrils flared.

I had an idea of what was going to happen, but for now thought it was just an itch. My eyes never moved away because..well..I like him. duh. XD

But he started to rub at his nose just briefly, and it started to twitch again. His nostrils flared twice, and I could feel heat rushing to my cheeks.

I thought I was going to be let down about twice because he inhaled and gave a small shiver and cough. Maybe he was sick..or cold or something. But the inner me was waving a white flag. 'stop being a tease' I thought.

I looked away for a second to watch someone walk by the door and wave (childish. >> ) and I turned back, and saw him looking at me with a cute smile. I smiled back, and gave a quick wave, and he sniffled, and rubbed his nose. I expressed concern. But on the inside I was cheering. Going "GO! GO! GO!" and he whipped his head to the side, and tried to pinch his nostrils shut to stifle so he wouldn't interupt the girl's speech.

"HuppSCHOOO!" it was loud. forceful. I saw a hint of spray. I tried to hide my blush, but he looked at me and gave one of those 'sorry' expressions, and I mouthed the words, "bless you" and giggled softly.

It was delicious.


The TA. Teacher's aid. A fellow person of our grade. I shall call him Chuey, because his last name is Chu. There's a sneezy pun in there, too. xD

Another good friend.

He was standing outside during another speech because everyone has to wait until someone finished if they left the room. He had a stack of papers, and he started to walk in. But I signaled for him to wait because she was still speaking.

I didn't see it, but I knew it was him, because he's in a few of my other classes and he tends to sneezse in fits nearly leading up to ten. I was a bit disappointed to hear only two this time. But they were sharp. "Hak-schoo! Hakshh!" sneezes, and then I saw him rushing to get the scattered papers. Lifted my mood from being bored as all hell.

and after class, I was talking to "Rick's" friend, and he was sick. He kept coughing into a fist and I asked him if he was okay and he sniffled and nodded. He was so cute. xD

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That is just one of the cutest observations EVER! Who doesn't like cute, sneezy, sick guys? Wow, congratulations on getting two really nice observations in one presentation! And thanks so much for sharing with us! ;)

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