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What a Phone Call!


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I don't like to be lonely while I'm driving, and I usually have about a 45 minute to an hour drive to school everyday, so I usually call Ryan on my way. We had a nice little conversations, but he had to get ready to go to work so we said our goodbyes and hung up.

About 2 minutes later my phone is playing "Amazed" by Lonestar (our song, and his ringer, AWE!) and I think to myself, what the heck? So I pick up the phone and say, "What are you doing calling me again, buster?"

My response was an EXCELLENT "Kish-SHAA! HEH KISH-SHOOOOO!!" I was speechless, and in my moment of not talking Ryan said, "Ok, love you, bye!" and hung up!

I immediatly picked up my phone and called him back. When he picked up I said, "You can't just call me, do that and hang up!" He laughed and apologized. I blessed him, he said thanks, and then I asked him if he had been planning it. He said no, that he felt a sneeze coming on almost right after we had hung up so he tried to call, but sneezed once and thought it was over. When he still felt the tickle a few moments later, he picked up his phone, called me again, sneezed (that I missed, unfortunately) I picked up, and the rest is history!

How sweet ... That was one of the best phone calls I've ever gotten!

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I can see why. :drool:

I like that song too. That was our "last dance" at our wedding. :drool:

It's really cool that Ryan is being so great about everything. It seems as if by telling him about your fetish is what brought you guys back together. You should write a story about it. :drool:

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Whoa, very cool! I am so completely insanely jealous right now, but am VERY HAPPY for you! How wonderfu; that he managed to call while he felt sneezy, and that the tickle didn't go away. Just, very wonderful.

And I like Dawnie's idea of you writing a story about how your fetish brought you guys back together! :drool:

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Guest luvsneezes

Wow!!! Like Sneesee and Trillium, I'm so jealous! What an awesome phone call. It's great that he was able to hang onto some sneezes for you to hear. I'm just surprised that you didn't drive off the road or something after hearing them!!! I probably would have :laugh:

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Wonderful account. But I really think in this case that the sneezes are just an extra bonus. It's the person that must be very special !

Another nice present, no ?

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