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So cuuute!! <333


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Thank you all for welcoming me in my last post!! I appreciate it. :) Here are some more obs! :D

Okay so today in class I was just dozing off as usual when this guy taps me on the shoulder and asks me if I can check over his paper for a book report we had to do. I happily agree.

BECAUSE THE GUY IS ADORABLE!!!! He isn’t hot or sexy, just cute. :laugh:

He’s kinda short, about 5'7 and has dark brown hair with brown eyes and some freckles that look just sooo cute! :wub:

Anyway, while I’m gushing over him and looking over his paper he gets this dazed look on his face. Everyone here knows what this look is. His nostrils flare widely and he closes his eyes with anticipation. His lips part slowly. I’m practically shaking from excitement.

But nothing happens!

After about 30 seconds he shakes his head and says “It’s gone.” :laugh:

Let’s just say I’m majorly disappointed. But I get over it, knowing that one day I’ll see him sneeze. I finish checking over his paper I hand it back to him, and he thanks me.

But right when I’m about to head back to my seat, I hear a deep inhale of breath and I see him stiffen and snap forward with a soft “Hutchooo!! Huh-pshoo!!” :drool:

I can’t contain my happiness and I say “Bless you!” He rubs his nose and smiles, “Thanks.” :wub:

I hope he’s catching a cold! :P

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I hope he’s catching a cold! :D

Oooohhh, me too! :( That was such a cute observation! The best part was, even though the sneeze went away at first, it obviously came back with a vengence. :twisted: So glad you got to witness it! Thanks for telling us about it! Really nice!

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Tricky guy with the false start and everything ... but I LOVE them! And it was lucky that you were able to see and hear 2 sneezes after! Sounds like a great obs ... very very cute!

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