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Photic sneezing extravaganza (m and one f)


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I was outside talking to a friend outside, because it was a nice warm day unusual for November.

Anyway, it was very very sunny and the sun was beating down on everything and the area outside the extrance.

At first this guy (mid 20s, 5'10, 200 lbs, dark hair and eyes) walking outside got an itch in his

nose, right then and there I zeroed in on him as a "sneeze alert" was sent to my brain.

I was not a dissapointed :D This guy got a major pre sneeze look just moments later and let

out a mammouth "HAAUUUSSSHHHHO" "HAAAUUUSSHHHO". Two very masculine loud pleasent deep

and throaty sneezes :twisted:

About 2 mins later, luck would have it another dude walks out with his wife.

He did a three-rapid fire "SSHHH" "ssshhh" "SSHHHH" time sneezes.

His were wet and pretty weak sneezes, his wife didnt seem to notice :o .

He was early 20s, tall and a bit thin and blonde. :D

About five minutes after that this guy walks out with his wife.

They were mid 20s and were dressed like they had been working-out.

They were an extremely good looking couple. Anyway, the women 10 secounds

after walking into the sun let out a rather quiet "heeeessshh" and

10 secounds later the guy she was with let a much, much louder

"HHHHHHUUUTTTTTSHHHH" sneeze as he got to the car. It was a very

loud sneeze considering he was 100 feet away from me. I would

have loved to have seen his sneeze close-up like his wife did :(

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Wow that's terrific. What a way to spend a beautiful Fall day. Just sitting there watching people as they go by sneezing. :( Terrific obs. Thanks for sharing them.

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Photic sneezes are great! Especially as most photic sneezers themselves seem to enjoy them.

I have also noticed that photic sneezes are not uncommon in winter - perhaps it's because there is a big difference between darkness and sun.

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