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A b-day to remember


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This is actually inspired from true happenings, but I thought it might be to long to put in the Ob area, so I changed it a little. I thought that some people might enjoy it. :D **beware I’m no writer, and this my first attempt at any kind of detailed account***

Ever since I was 14, I've always been on my family vacation on my birthday, and that might seem nice but my family is insane and tends to go crazy places for vacation.... I recall my 15th birthday, when I woke up in a small cabin deep in the rain forest in Equador, not even remembering that it was my birthday until my mom said "happy birthday". I'm very glad that I get the chance to travel, but I would sometimes wish that I could actually have a party with my friends. Well, this past year I got my wish. We were going to be home on my birthday.

I had planned a party but it wasn't until the weekend, several days after my actual b-day. So on my birthday my best friend, we'll call her...Teal (b/c that's her fave. color :) ) decided that we should hang out together. (I live in a very small town, so our options were limited when it comes to things to do) We decided to go to the bowling alley. Don't get the wrong idea, we didn't go to bowl (I'm actually an ok bowler but Teal is awful...she can hit pins...it's just that they will be in the other lane) We went because of the arcade area, which houses a DDR. We both love DDR with a passion (for those of you who don't know DDR is Dance Dance Revolution, a dance game) I'm an alright player, I can play on Standard/Heavy levels, while Teal is more of a light/standard kinda person. Anyway we walk in and we see a boy in a black and white striped shirt playing pool by himself. He looks up, and I realize that's it's T. a good friend from school T. runs over and gives me a huge hug. I had forgotten but T. actually worked in the arcade area. So I was really happy that I now got to hang out with 2 really good friends.

I'll describe Teal and T. for you b/c I didn't earlier. Teal is about 5 ft 7 has really curly hair which she always keeps up b/c it frizzes really bad. She wears glasses, I always tease her about the frames and say they are emo. She's on both the swim team and dive team so she has a nice tan. (unlike myself, I'm so white I glow when it's dark out). T. is also tall...well compared to me, b/c I'm short. He's really skinny but wears baggy jeans and his striped shirt was a few sizes to big, so he looks even skinnier. He had curly hair down to his ears, and he also wears glasses small ones, like Teals, just with out emo frames.

We were going to play DDR but we didn’t want to leave T. out. T. is an outstanding DDR player, the best I know, he can do anything on heavy, unfortunately his boss doesn’t let him play while he’s working. However he is allowed to play pool and T. said that we could play pool for free because he works there. We figured that would be fun, and since neither Teal or I play pool very often (or well) we told T. we could continue from his old game. So we all grabbed sticks and walked over to the table. The table we were at was off to the left of the room and there was a big fan beside to circulate air. Teal stood in front of the fan T. on the other side of the table and I was on the short side. We told T. He could go first so we could watch (and hopefully imitate him) He started lining up for a shot, I was putting that chalk stuff on my stick while I looked over at Teal. Teal’s eyes were unfocused and her mouth slightly agape, her head titled back. Her breath was hitching.."..iiiiih iiiiiih....huh.." I quickly pretended that I wasn’t watching, and turned back to T. who I saw was no longer lining up his shot but was leaning on his stick watching Teal. I turned back to Teal, her breath still hitching "...ihhhh...huh....hah.." She glanced over at T. and saw him watching and gave a self conscious laugh “I-I’m gonna....gonna sneeze” she explained breathlessly.

“I know” T. said calmly “I’m waiting” She gave another little laugh, then she waved her hand in front her face a few times.

“huh...huh...hah...it’s....it’s s-stuck” she said with a little laugh.

“Yeah I hate that” T. said with a smile.

Teal started taking shallow breath trying to coax it out. “HUH..HAH HAH HA-CHHMMMPT!! ”She sneezed into cupped hands. It was forceful bending her in half but almost immediately she started to build up again “HUH...HAH.. HAH” then she pulled back again with an equally a forceful “HA-SSSHEW!!!” She straightened up sniffing slightly. When yet again that look came across her face “iiiih...iiiiih!!.” It was gone. “Yeah, sorry” she laughed apologetically. “I just hate when that happens.”

“I know!! It’s like you have to sneeze but you can’t!!” T. said in a strangely enthusiastic tone (but T.’s strange most of the time so don’t think much on it) “Your like sneeze Sneeze SNEEZE but it goes away.” Teal laughed in agreement in agreement, until once again it happened.

“...iiiih....hih hih HUH....iiiiiih” She tilted her head back, her eyes squinting when T. shouted.


The sneeze as well as Teal must have been taken by surprise because it went away again and she opened her eyes. “Ugh!! It went away again!!! I can still feel it though.” She stood still for a few seconds until shrugging and coming closer to the table. When she let out a sudden loud “AAAH-CHOOO!!!!” onto her chest. She laughed and said “Finally!!”

Needless to say, I won't forget this birthday for a long time. :laugh:

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Aww, that was way cute. I especially loved the "SNEEZE!" thing. My friends and I used to do that all the time in high school.

Anyway, it sounds like you had an awesome birthday. Great obs, and a belated welcome! :laugh:

Oh, and DDR is freakin hard!! Every time I try to play it, I almost fall off the platform and get crippled. :)

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Wow! I never saw this one before. If the actual obs. was anything like the story, then that must have been a very good b-day indeed!

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