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3 Nice Sneezes in Scotland...


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Hello all,

I thought it was time I posted another of my back-dated R. obs - I have a lot of catching up to do! (And I haven't forgotten the statistical analysis with graphs - it will come soon!)

About 18 months ago, when R's girlfriend was still friends with me (she has since decided he and I are too close, so she avoids me now), she invited me to go up to Scotland with them to visit some of her friends for her birthday. Very nice.

So we all went out for a meal (5 of us) and R. sat between me and this other girl, his girlfriend's friend. As we were eating our dinner, a couple of big sneezes snuck up on him! R. turned away from the table, towards the other girl to his right, and sneezed twice, "ACHOOOO! ATISHOOO!"

I was a bit put out that he turned towards someone else and not me to sneeze, but proud when I was the only one to say, "Bless you," (and give his leg a little pat under the table). "Excuse me," said R, and we carried on.

After dinner we all piled into a taxi. It was one of these big black british cabs, with a bench seat and then extra seats you pull down so you can sit facing each other. R's girlfriend and I had got in and sat down facing each other, and as R. got in he suddenly sneezed an enormous "HASHOOOOO!" He sneezed into his hands, but as you can imagine in the close confines of the taxi it seemed a little rude (to the others!), especially as it was aimed sort of towards his girlfriend's face! Lucky girl, I thought, but she didn't seem to share my sentiment as she sort of scowled at him and said sarcastically, "Thanks!"

R. ignored her and sat down next to me (very squeezed up and cozy) and I caught his eye and smiled at him and said, "Bless you," and he smiled back into my eyes and said, "Excuse me."

Mmm. Nice memory. Hope you like it!



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A nice new touch to what we know of R's sneezing... and personality. I'm not sure which I find most fascinating, but I love reading the accounts. Thank you!

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Wow, that was awesome! Seriously... hot! :rolleyes: How I wish I had been in R's girlfriend's shoes when he got into that cab!! Too bad she didn't see it that way, it was nice of you to say bless you when she didn't. I thought that was mean that she glared at him was sarcastic about it. It's not really like he could control it... I would hate it if my SO reacted that way to a sneeze! But yeah, maybe thats just my sneeze-loving talk, maybe it would seem rude to other people... hmmm...

I was a bit suprised to learn that R has a girlfriend, I kind of thought you were his girlfriend! It's sweet that you guys are so close! Would it be rude to ask if you have a small crush on him? I'm just curious, since I love your obs! :laugh:

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if you have a small crush on him?

Absolutely not. Small crush?? I am head over heels in love with the guy!!! :) ... it's a long story...

:laugh: hehe, that made me laugh!

From what I have read so far, I can see why! He sounds like a babe! :yes:

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Awwww, I am just loving all of these stories about R. Can we all be in love with him, too? Thanks for sharing, and do keep telling us more stories, please!

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