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Okay, well, I've been living with my friend for a few months now. We've known eachother since 7th grade or so, and we're ( obviously ) very close, meaning he knows about my fetish. I don't think I even had to tell him, after a while I guess he just must have figured it out...

I'll let you all know right now he's a rather sneezy guy, so you'll probably be hearing a lot more about him in future!

Anyway, well, he's caught a cold. I'm sure I'll get it soon too, but enough with that, onto the ob itself.

I came home from work today ( I got called in to work...I hate getting called in on saturdays... ) to him complaining that his nose felt funny, and that he'd felt awful all morning, so he'd come home early. He certainly looked awful, too, though I didn't want to say anything. His colds are always sneezy, and it was no surpise that he had a box of kleenex sitting next to him. It took a few minutes after having sat down to read a bit, but his cold certainly didn't let me down...

He had been mumbling to me about his day at home, when he suddenly cut off with, "Ugh, I'm going to sneeze, hold on..." It was a fairly silent build up aside from his breath hitching every so often, and he almost seemed to have a false start or two along the way, though I didn't have to wait long before... "heh..ha...heh-choo! heh-shoo! ha-CHOO!" Followed by several wet snifs, and a final, "heh-shoo!" They were all uncovered and rather wet, right into his lap...Kind of a pity I was sitting so far away, or else I probably would have been hit by some of the spray.

He blew his nose, and muttered a little "Bless me" afterwards. ( Because I'm too slow at blessing, apparently, so he always just does it himself. ) He glanced over at me and grinned, since I was probably blushing like mad by now, and asked if I'd enjoyed that. I shrugged and muttered something I don't remember, and he just laughed and said, "Good."

After that, he went to have a nap, and still is now, so I figured I'd take a minute or two to fill you all in...I hope I can last out his cold, because although I'm used to his random fits, his allergies, and everything else that seems to afflict him, I've never actually lived with him having a cold before...It's driving me insane not being able to just tackle him.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed it, and that it wasn't too long...I'm having real trouble cutting back on these, though I think that's a good thing.

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Oh, my lovely obs. ;) Not to worry, it wasn't too long . . . the devil's in the details, right? :lol:

I hope that we do get to hear more obs's about your roomie. I for one look forward to that.

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Wow, how many of us would love to be in your situation! Enjoy all of those marvelous sneezes! Thanks for sharing such a detailed obs. I really like his pattern of sneezes. Very yummy! ;)

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Really no need to cut back on the length of your obs! They are wonderful!!! Your roommate's sneezes sound amazing. I am so jealous right now! I hope he feel better soon, because it sounds like he's miserable, but I certainly hope the sneezes continue for a long time!

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Thanks! I'm sure he'd be thrilled if he knew so many people were captivated by his sneezes. =P I'll take a shot at describing him in my next ob.

Anyway, I'll be sure to keep you all informed on how his cold works out...And considering I'm feeling a bit off myself, my cold as well.

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Well I hope he feels better... or if he doesn't that's okay too (XD)! Try and keep us updated. His sneezes sound very yummy.


Thanks for sharing!!

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Very interesting indeed. As everyone has been saying, don't cut out anything in your descriptions, we want to know more !

It's always interesting to see how people's sneeze habits change with a cold or hayfever. Your friend seems to be sneezing in little fits, and I wonder if he does that at other times. I know some people who only sneeze singles usually but go into multiples on catching a cold... or the other way round! Either way, your friend sounds a fascinating sneezer.

I must say I am having fantasies of you both sneezing from the same cold....

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NYARR, delicious. :yes: *is ├╝ber-cold-whore!* And he announced it too... it's so HOT when they do that... :lol:

Don't worry about length! As Trillium says, the devil's in the details :lol:

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Oh, this was yummy! I love it when they announce that they're going to sneeze. Please, don't worry about the length! It was wonderful. I look forward to hearing more!

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Wow, thanks all! I'm sure you won't be dissapointed with the following few days...I'm positive there will be more.

Oh, and I'll definately stop questioning my post length from now on.. =P

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