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My sweetie sneezes (f obs)


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It was yesterday and it was a friend of mine, she does sneeze in public once in a while, but she usually sneezes in singles, soft.

She had a cold and was a little stuffed-up and sniffly, but she didn't seem to be sneezy so I didn't have any expectations. In the middle of the meeting, we were presenting names, and she stood at the end of the table, looking for some papers in her bag, when she suddenly turned away and let out a big, wet, explosive:

"Ha-EEESSschoo!" :yes:

Someone in the room said "Oops" or something like that, but she didn't notice, she tried to make a comment on what we were discussing but then a second one sneaked up upon her:

"I think hi... HA-eeSSSCHOOOO!" :lol::lol:

Then she went on like nothing had happened:

"I think his name's K."

Then she went on looking for her papers, sniffing wetly and moaning a little.

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