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that handsome singer (M)


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Last Friday I was playing in a benefit concert.

After the concert I was at the bar with some of my friends who had been in the audience.

We were discussing the talent of the group of folk singers that had song some numbers.

'The one with the brown pullover has a good voice !' my friend L (still single) said.

As that Marc is a really cute guy who makes every woman dream - in his early thirties, long and slim with brown not too short hair, twinkling blue eyes, always dressed in tight clothes that put an accent on his athletic body, has a beatiful bariton voice, ... - I asked her if she liked his looks as well, and with a blush on her cheeks and a big smile she nodded :drool: .

So when Marc passed by I stopped him and introduced my friends to him.

All at once he turned away, put his right hand in his pocket, pulled out a big white and blue rimmed handkerchief, and sneezed a wonderful HUUUUUTISHOOOOOO !! into it. 'Excuse me !'

No ... I am a married woman ... I shouldn't :( ... no ... I know ... damn ... what a man !

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Ooooooh... WHAT a man, indeed...! A singer... A handsome singer.... A handsome singer with a dee-licious sneeze... gimme one like that any day. :drool:

VERY good observation, too! Thank you much for sharing!

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Oooh! Very lovely! And even though you are married, it's okay to look, and enjoy whatever sneezes come your way! :drool:

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