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My secret girl-crush gets all sneezy in the Indian restaurant

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I was meeting a couple of friends today for lunch at an Indian restaurant. One of them is my secret crush (she doesn't know that I am into girls), so it is always nice to get to see her (maybe once a year or so, since she lives in another state). I was sitting next to her at the table, and it was delicious just having our arms accidentally brushing up against each other. At one point she told a good joke, and I laughed, putting my arm around her for a second and leaning in. I was careful not to let on that I was the least bit turned on.

It was right after that moment that the waiter brought our food. She had a dosa with sambar -- a kind of spicy soup. She had her first spoonful, and announced "Uh oh!" I looked towards her to see the most adorable sneezy look -- eyes half closed, lips parted, nostrils flaring. It was a cloth-napkin restaurant, and if she had any kleenex in her purse, it was fairly inaccessible under the table. I tried not to look as though I were staring, as I wondered how she was going to handle the impending sneeze in the crowded restaurant. Turning aside wasn't an option -- we were sitting so close as to be practically touching, and the diner at the next table was no more than 18 inches away.

Her breaths were hitching, and she had this intense look on her face. She brought both hands up and sort of cupped them loosely over her mouth and nose. She was making this "ah-ah-ah" sound, and from the dramatic buildup, I was expecting a whopping sneeze. I'd never seen her sneeze before, although she does complain about having miserable allergies. Then came the barrage of teensy little squeaky sneezes: "tshee! tshee! tshee! tshee! tshee!.....tshee!" I counted ten in rapid fire, then a pause, where she kept her hands in place, followed by the final "tshee!"

She looked up and smiled, almost proudly. "Spicy food does that to me, but I love it anyway." I sipped my ice water, because my throat was dry and my panties damp, and I said something like, "I like spicy food, too," like I didn't even notice the sneezes.

And she repeated the whole performance twice more!

I replayed the scene in my mind the whole drive home.

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Awe! Excellent obs! She sounds like a cutie ... I love those rapid fire sneezes, and just when you think she's done, she comes up with another one! Wonderful!

And welcome to the forum!

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Excellent obs, it's always great to see a rapid fire fit like that, and I especially like the fact that you were in such close contact!

Welcome to the forum; I certainly hope you and your friend dine in an Indian restaurant again soon!

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Excellent obs; all that lovely closeness, and knowing she would never get to her hankie in time!

And 33 sneezes? I hope you've arranged another meal. Food sneezes are wonderful.

Welcome to the forum!

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Years ago, I knew a friend's girlfriend who could sneeze in a similar way, though she was stifling. It was so damn sexy.

When she didn't stifle, her sneeze was moderately large.

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That sounds like something that would really make your day!

I think I know what you mean by "rapid-fire", I've found it interesting how some people sneeze like that. They only go through the inhalation period once ("Aaah") but exhale a bunch of times ("choo choo choo"). There was a girl who lived next door to me in a dorm who sneezed like that. She rarely sneezed, but when she did it made her look so cute. I also sometimes hear guys sneeze like that in class sometimes. I wonder how many people are like this.

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wow GREAT obs, and at such close range I can imagine how you must have felt after the first barrage of sneezes let alone after she repeated the sneezy performance twice more

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*watering at the mouth* KGJDFDFLFDFSJDKFS hot ^.^ :laugh: Well written and delicious! really happy for you that you got to see your girl-crush sneeze for the first time, it's always.... so nice :yes:

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