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Well, as a few of you know, my friend/roomie caught himself a cold....And, well...Now I've got it, too. Which could be both good and bad, I guess, though I'm not going to bother sorting that one out.

I think I'll take a shot at describing him today, maybe myself, too. I've always enjoyed a physical description in obs, though maybe that's just me. Either way, I'm going to get to the point here so I can stop thinking and maybe go sleep or something...

There was probably a ton of sneezing going on today, though I think I'll just pick out my favourite out of it all, since I don't want this to drag out for ages. Right, I'll get to the point now...

We both stayed home from work today, though I think that's a given. I'm sick, and he's even sicker, so I don't think there was any chance in hell we'd be anywhere but home. Most of our day was probably spent on the couch, watching cartoons, gameshows, bad old movies and the like. Oddly enough, we never watched The Price is Right, which is usually always on when you're sick at home...Though that's a bit irrelivant right now, isn't it?

Right, right...So, we're both sharing the biggest quilt we could find in the house, which was big enough to wrap once around each of us seperately and still have some wiggle room between us. He'd fallen asleep, and over time had slid down and fell to rest...On me, which I don't really mind in the slightest, though it was a bit uncomfortable...He's quite a bit bigger than I am. I'm maybe 5'7" or so, probably shorter, with more of a light build...Blue eyes, fair/pale skin, pink hair ( flamingo pink, by the way, though I think some of you have seen that coming ), and that's Mingo for you...Whereas he's 6'4" and lean...Not overly muscular, but fairly nicely built. Like I said, lean. Black hair, fair skin, lovely green eyes...And, well, that's him for you. Anyway, after a few minutes in this position, though, he sort of...Moulded to me, which resulted in his head resting on my shoulder and partially in the crook of my neck.

I myself was nearly asleep, too, when I heard him stir a little. I thought nothing of it; chances are it was just the odd moan or grunt in his sleep, and so I didn't bother to really look into it. I'd just about closed my eyes again, when I felt him take in a deep breath, hitching a time or two, and then finally - "...hah-CHOO!" A few seconds pause, a small bout of sniffling, and then, as expected, there was more. "..eh...heh-CHOO! heh-choo!...choo!" Sniffing again, and then after a few seconds ( he was probably making sure he was done...Or just forgot to, it's hard to tell, really. ) I heard the smallest of "bless me"'s. All of them, obviously, were uncovered, wet, and fairly loud, especially the first one.

By now, of course, I'm wide awake again. Dizzy, disoriented, but more aware nonetheless. Now, I'm not sure about any of you, though when someone sneezes, or I just think about sneezing, it'll always get my nose to tickle just a bit. Not nearly enough to make me sneeze...Ordinarily. With the help of the cold, though, it managed to work it's way into a feeble little "heTSHEW!" Was a bit startling for me, considering my sneezes are usually far louder and more...Different. Though, what's even more shocking? He blessed me. I think it's the only time he's ever done it, but he did...And I doubt he will again any time soon.

All in all, I think that's the best day yet I've had with a cold. I hope you all enjoy it, too.

( I see this went on for ages despite what I'd said at the beginning...Not that it's bad, I just can't believe I had the attention span through the cold medication to keep this up for this long. I'm a little proud.. )

Oh, and I'm kind of thinking of maybe writing a fanfic or something...Though that's a big 'maybe'...Either way, any feedback on that idea would be great...Though I'm awful with finishing things of that nature, so who knows when it'll get done if I do ever get myself into doing it..

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Oh my god, this was just great!!! ^_^:P

Thankyou for posting this, all the details were just perfect! This whole scenario was just super sexy, you lucky thing Mingo!!

Soooooo hot!! :blink:

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I'll second that - super lovely obs!! Enjoy the colds and keep telling us about them! I loved that your friend didn't cover his sneezes even though he was snuggled up to you. I think next time YOU should bless HIM as well! :yes:

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Whoa, that is like, my number 2 fantasy, to have a guy sneeze while we're all cuddled like that! Lucky you! And your sneeze sounded really cute, too! So nice that he blessed you. Thanks for telling us all about it. Oh, and I also love the color pink. :yes:

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Aha, thanks...I'm glad it was worth it to finish posting, then...I half-fell asleep part way through typing it. :) I should definately give blessing a shot, though he usually beats me to it by blessing himself, so I don't often get the chance to.

I'm glad my hair was noticed! I take pride in having it all pink, bright, and semi-blinding...Definately matches my nose, too, as mentioned.. =P

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My God. This is so adorable that I want to shrink it down to wallet-sized and show it to all my friends. Is that weird? Probably.

Regarding fanfic: I'm always glad to give feedback. It depends on what fandom, though; but I believe I'm nerd enough to help out in quite a few.

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Ok, I just want to say that I LOVED everything about this obs. Mingo, I do hope you keep sharing this stuff with us. :) Thanks so much! And I think pink hair is awesome. Wouldn't mind having it myself, except I'm not sure I have the patience to maintain it. Must be a bitch when your roots start showing.

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Well, thank you !

I think this is the first time we have had such an explicit observation on the forum : discreet, sensitive, but not holding back.

Isn't it great how newbies also do their bit for getting rid of the hang-ups that can go with our common fetish ?

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