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My sleep-over with R (m)


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I slept over at R's house the night before last, and managed to cash in on his two “peak sneezing times” – late at night and early in the morning. Brilliant! ^_^

It started in the kitchen. Cooking dinner together is one of the fun/romantic things I really enjoy doing with R. We were both standing, chopping veggies for our pasta sauce, and the TV was playing music videos in the background. We were having a conversation, but it had settled into a moment of “comfortable silence”… which was soon broken.

R had been holding a knife in his right hand, cutting the raw food in front of him. I was standing on his left side. Without any warning, he quickly did this sudden maneuver where he spun to his right (away from me) while using his left hand to cover, yelling out this incredibly loud sneeze. It a single syllable… like “huhaehh!” It was incredibly cute, because it obviously came as a complete surprise for him, and it gave me such a shock that my heart jumped.

As soon as he had turned back towards the bench I could tell he was trying to contain the most mischievous smile. You know that look when you’re trying not to smile but it comes out anyway? That was the look he had on. And he continued chopping stuff as if nothing had happened, all the while trying so hard not to look me in the eye, knowing it was driving me crazy!! So that was my first tease for the night…

The second came about 20 minutes later, so maybe it was something we were cooking that was making him sneeze. I was stirring the pan at the stove and he was over near the cupboards, putting stuff away. As suddenly as before he sneezed incredibly loudly, turning away from the cupboard and into his upper left arm. I only saw it from the back, but it was enough to keep my eyes glued to him as I watched him sniffle and try to continue what he was doing, but this time he couldn’t hold off breaking into the cheekiest grin. :blink:

He then turned to me and exclaimed innocently “well? Aren’t you going to bless me?”

I could feel my face going hot just from the fact he was acknowledging the sneeze, and the tingly feeling from hearing it of course still remained. Playing along, I replied “I can if you wish. If it would make you feel more comfortable…”

To which he replied, “oh no, I’m very comfortable!”

and I quickly answered “Oh good! So am I!”

...Then we both grinned at each other like lunatics and I took a few steps away from the pan so I could give him a tight squeeze round the waist. I also made a mental note to be quicker to say bless you next time!

The next morning R gave me a surprise. We woke up and lay in his bed talking for ages. I noticed that as our conversation went on, his nose got progressively more wet and runny, which is what usually happens if he doesn't wear a shirt in the morning. After every sentence he would sniffle… which was definitely attracting my interest. :rolleyes:

I sat up and leaned over him, sitting in the “mermaid” position, with my right arm resting across his chest. A few seconds later his eyes slowly get watery and closed into that “distant” expression, and much to my surprise (and delight!!) he sneezed a soft “huheeshhh!” directly towards my chest, completely uncovered. :D ... :P

R has never sneezed toward me on purpose before and I was taken aback, because it’s not like I ever specifically told him to do so. When he opened his eyes he blinked rather shyly, sniffled wetly and looked at me hopefully… waiting for my reaction. :unsure: Well, my idea of saying bless you a bit quicker went straight out the window, there was no way I could speak when my pants were on fire like that!!!! :heart: Instead, I leapt onto his chest and wrapped my arms around him, squeezing him very tight and making the soppiest “awwww!!” noise.

The last one was when we were eating breakfast. We were sitting next to each other at the same bench where we were cooking dinner last night. This time I was on his right and the TV was on his left, and we had both turned towards it because the “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit” video clip had come on. Without any warning or buildup R did a quick 180 degree turn to face me and sneezed a “huhheesh!” loosely into his right hand. I got a very up-close view of his face as he jerked towards my shoulder, and… I also lightly felt it on my neck! He then smiled and sniffled wetly, grabbed a tissue and blew his nose (also wetly), then went back to eating breakfast…

I kept on replaying that sneeze in my mind throughout the whole morning, and I could still feel where it touched my neck. Later I mentioned it to him that I had really enjoyed “feeling” it, and he said he hadn’t even realised that he sneezed on me, he had thought that he covered his mouth! But… he had only covered it loosely, and we were sitting extremely close together… so it turned out for the best! :D

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Jeez oh peets! I am just, WOW! That is friggin' awesome! Sounds like you showed R what his sneezes do to you! Lucky woman, you! (Sneesee is trying really hard NOT to be jealous :yes: ) I am totally happy for you, though! Be sure to make that same dinner next time you have that sleep over, right?

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He then turned to me and exclaimed innocently “well? Aren’t you going to bless me?”

Ha! That's too cute. :) R sounds like a sweetheart. I look forward to hearing more about him. Thanks for sharing!

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Very nice obs! Thank you! And it's good that you are coming to terms with this different part of your (now shared) sexuality relatively early in your relationship. It's very natural that you will feel uneasy about it in the beginning, but getting it out in the open and enjoying it as a plus... certainly the best solution!

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Be sure to make that same dinner next time you have that sleep over, right?

Yes indeedy! :yes:

*makes mental note in "ways to get boyfriend to sneeze more" list*

He then turned to me and exclaimed innocently “well? Aren’t you going to bless me?”

Ha! That's too cute. :laugh:

I know, that made me go all gooey in a second! And I hardly ever hear him say the word "bless" these days. Before he figured out my fetish R often used to say 'bless you" or "bless me" after he sneezed, but unfortunately that task has now passed to myself... and I am often way too overwhelmed/turned on/or shy to come out with it at the right moment! :laugh:

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