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A few quick obs fom yesterday- 2 Male, 1 Female


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So, yesterday was shopping day. I had to hit my all-time favorite store, Target, and the grocery store. While I was at Target, I was looking at all of the Christmas stuff, and was wandering down the candy aisle, listening to my 3 year old tell me what kind of candy she wanted. I saw two little blond girls wandering around, pushing a cart by themselves. I thought that was odd, until I saw a tall, slim woman with short, black hair, and a very long, slim nose calling someone's name. She'd come down the next aisle from me, and I just caught a glimpse of her as she rounded the corner and found her two little girls. We were the only people around that particular area, so when I heard the sneeze, I know for a fact she'd been the one. It was a deep, wet sounding sneeze, not girly or wimpy at all. It sounded sort of like, "HUH-CHIIIISSSHHHHHH!" I was about to peek around the corner and bless her, but one of her little girls did it so I refrained. :)

The next observation isn't neccessarily an observation, since I didn't see or hear it, but I know it happened. There is this guy, Dan, that recently started at my work, who's a lot of fun to work with. I've just started getting to know him, and he's just really cool. He's not very tall, about 5' 7" and has brown hair, a goatee and big green eyes. he also has this really dry, sarcastic sense of humor that I find really attractive! Anyway, like I said, we've kind of just started getting to know each other. he came over to the paint desk on Sunday to help me out, and I swear, he sniffled and rubbe dhis nose the entire time I was with him. I thought for sure he might sneeze, but never did, so I've been waiting for it. Well, last night he was working one department over from me, and I was walking back to my area with a cart of doors. I'll admit it, I was moving kind of slow. Anyway, I saw Dan at the end of one of his aisles, and this woman walking the opposite direction from me. I was still several feet away, when she started to look at him and say hi, and then she kind of got this funny look on her face. I saw that he had ducked into the aisle, away from her. I was kind of curious, so I sped up a little. He walked back towards her, sniffling and she exclaimed, "Why, Bless You!" I was miffed that I had completely missed it! I've been looking forward to the day that guy sneezed, and she saw it, but I didn't! Darn it all!

So, to make up for my lack of what could have been a great observation, I got a really nice up close and personal one later last night. It was after nine, and my bud Trish called me from home. I took the portable phone, and headed into the breakroom to relax for a few minutes. This one guy, Mike, was in there reading the paper. I think I mentioned him once before, he was the guy who sneezed 15 times in front of the special services desk to my astonishment. Anyway, he's a terrific person, and a lot of fun to work with. When we were really bored one Saturday night, a bunch of us women played that future game about who you're going to marry, and where you'll live, etc. Mike wanted to be on all of our lists, and I was the lucky one who got to marry him! :yes: So, we joke around all the time about him being my hubby. Back to the ob. So, as I was talking to Trish, he sneezes, and I got to see and hear it. I said, "Bless you." Well, Trish heard it, too, and I'll explain more about that next. Mike shook his head at me, and then sneezed two more times. I was like, "Oh, bless you again." Then he grinned at me. The funny part was that Trish then asked me who it was, and whether or not I liked it! So, I had to leave the breakroom to discuss that with her. And I was like, "You could hear that?" She said, "Clear as a bell, are you okay?" I described the sneezes to her, and told her about the time he couldn't stop sneezing, and she giggled. I do really like Mike's sneezes, they are cute and quick, and he barely covers with one hand. Very nice! I was glad because like I said, I feel like I missed out with Dan. So, it was an okay night after all. :)

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Nice obs - and good to have an update on Mike : a triple this time. And fifteen is five triples... ?

He he he, I think you are right, atchoum! :) I don't remember the name of that particular obs, but I bet if I went back and read it, they were all triples, just 5 of them. :laugh:

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... I was about to peek around the corner and bless her, but one of her little girls did it so I refrained. :bleh:

... I thought for sure he might sneeze...

XD heh, you are a funny lady, you know that? ^.^ peeking around corners blessing people... I can just picture it now - you, lurking around, popping out blessing people, like the bless-you police or something :laugh::) so cute... we should get you some uniform and a badge *raises an eyebrow suggestively*

AND, "thought for sure he might" mihihihihi just made me laugh :)

You're a darling, I love the way you write, and meow :D

(and in a completely unrelated story - OH MY GOD! I just realized my new browser has a built in spell checker, I'm in love :wub: *obsesses*)

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^.^ peeking around corners blessing people... I can just picture it now - you, lurking around, popping out blessing people, like the bless-you police or something

:) hehehe, I also thought it was cute-a-licious how you were going to pop round the corner and bless that woman! I want to be blessed by Sneesee in her bless-you police uniform!! :D

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