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Girl with a cold in class


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Ok so... yeah... school is diffecult.. people sneezing all the time, it's a wonder I manage to get any knowledge into my thick skull... but every once in a while something goes around that makes me wanna take the time and share :)

I'm sitting in one of my many first year introduction courses (developmental psychology if you must), the course is kind of a snooz-fest for me, since I studied a lot of the basics in highschool and it's really just an intorudction to the introduction of the introduction (it's so general it's a miracle when something of value is actually being said in class). Add to that the fact that my professor has a shy and overly relaxed voice, it's a wonder we don't all fall asleep. One of the guys in the class refered to her as "the whisperer" I'm thinking more like "the sleeping pill"... I expect she'll get better once she actually teaches us something...

Anyway in this dreary hour and a half lecture that was once again, about almost nothing (but not quite) I stared around at people like I normally do... a sneeze here *head turns to see* a sneeze there *head turns to watch where it came from* you guys know the drill... heck I even blessed this girl in front of me that sneezed a really cute triple, 2 violent rapid harsh ones "ISHU'ISHAA" to her right side covered... and then snapped with the 3rd "EISHH" it all happened really quick and *roar* it was surprising to me and seemed to be at least a bit unexpected to her as well ;) but it's a whole other observation that woke me up :yes:

Ok so on the other side of the auditorum, right by the stairs in the same row as I sat, there sits a girl. Now let me tell you, I could spend way more than a dreary hour and a half staring at her. Poor thing seemed to have a pretty bad cold... the tissues... the sniffling.. the dabbing at her nose... the pre-sneezic expression that comes and goes.. the subtle cough from time to time... my kind of tease she was ;) So I glanced at her from time to time, I'm pretty sure she sneezed more than the obs I'm about to describe, but I didn't quite get to see the rest so eh.. so I won't humor myself with guessing ;)

She is a little chubby, very pretty if you ask me (her face has the same features as lets say Lisa Loeb has I guess... or girls that look like Lisa Loeb... it's a general characteristic... something very clean and puppy-cute about it), slightly longer than shoulder length brown straight hair, I find her to be kind of cute, not sex-appeal-attractive but definitely cute. Heck I wouldn't mind cuddling with her on a nice sofa on a cold winter day... she looked so huggable (especially in her poor cold-perdicement) in that frumpy sweater she wore.

In one of my oh so many glances (I say glances, it's probably more like prolonged obvious stares) I see her demonstraiting clear pre-sneeze signs... her lips part ever so lightly... a concentrated focused look in her eyes, sort of glazed with intention... she tilts her head back and even tries to stare at the light a bit... but it's a no go... she grabs yet another tissue (I wouldn't have been able to keep track of how many tissues she's used so far.. too many...) and gives her nose a bit of an annoyed blow (nothing loud, couldn't really hear it from where I was sitting for all of you interested, and I know someone always is ;) ), then another soft dab at the tip as if to say "stop tickling", then she returned to focusing on the lecture, tissue still in her right hand (I think she kept one in her hand at all times actually). A minute or so go by and the look creeps up on her again, her lip part, upper lip curling up (I love it when it does that), her eyes seem glossy for a brief split second as they suddenly shut and she releases a quiet little "tcho" at the tissue she's holding in her right hand. Not to say it was uncovered, but it did not interrupt my view at all... she more like sneezed at it than into it. Now that little outburst was definitely held back, not stifled but helf back, and since it was just that, it apparently did absolutely nothing to sooth her nose since not a second went by as she snaps forward with a much louder much more satisfying "eehtshooo!" bending her forward with the force of that sneeze (which was by the way louder than the first one for sure, but not really altogether what I'd call a loud sneeze). At that point, I wondered what type of force is it that is keeping me in my seat and restraining me from jumping at her right there and then... gah :) it was beautiful.

I'll leave you with that :blushing::innocent: *drool*

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I feel weird being the first to comment on my own observation, but! guys... FOLLOWUP! :laugh:

Turns out that girl with the cold is also in my Anthropology class (it's a really big class with far too many people so I guess it's sort of a miracle if I run into people I know there or recognize there anyway...). I dunno what kind of deviant forces are at work here, but luck would have it that she sad just a few sits to my left... so I spent a part of my time reading a part of the communist manifesto and another part of it staring at her and her tissues and what not... to be objective, she looked like she was feeling better... but it didn't stop her from delighing me with a girly well rounded "hetshoo" at a tissue followed by a soft blow... I actually got to hear it more than see it cause my viewing angle wasn't too great... but still...

Now to top that... the girl sitting behind me, a blonde russian with a round pretty face and light clue eyes, looking a bit like a doll actually, probably has a cold too, because she sneezed 3 times (the same forceful slighly loud "ETSCHO" )during the lecture at different ocassions and also seemed to be wandering around with tissues... I can't say I got any spray flying in my direction (which would've totally grossed me out) but it did almost kinda make me want to cringe the way she snapped forward when she sneezed even though she covered... she had a strong sneeze which made me and my friends bless her even though she was sitting in the row behind us (there's something that makes more sense about blessing people who sneeze in your row than people in rows before and behind you, isn't there? or is that just me...? :laugh:) anyway, sneezing is good, you know the drill.... :yes:

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you definately paint a picture as if the reader was actaully there- another wonderful obs (and Follow up) Army girl......:P

Ehh thanks ^.^ I think, sometimes I feel like I overkill it... I mean... gosh.. I ramble a lot... and I'm wondering if I prove a direction connection between the length of the post and the length and amount of replies *chuckle* I mean... I get the same amount of read hits I think... but heh, I am pretty sure I am wearing you people down with too much text :blushing:

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