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Keep blowing that nose so another sneeze doesnt arrive (m)


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I was out and about drinking a cup of coffee. I guess by the posts I have made its evident I am a big drinker of coffee :) . Anyway, I was sitting with my eyes pasted to a newspaper article I was enjoying when all the sudden I hear one loud "HUUAATSSSHHHH". I look around and see a man talking at a table and the man cross from him was blowing his nose like crazy. He sat there and honked his nose repeatedly. :laugh:

I looked over to his table but after 30 secounds people wonder why people are staring at them. But, I just couldnt stop looking though because he kept honking his nose because it seems he just didnt wanna un-leash a fit of sneezes and what a shame that is.

After about three minutes of nose honking that echoed through the entire shop he decided he could put his kleenex down because another sneeze wasnt coming. He didnt even notice I was looking at the entire performance, guess I am not shy like some :laugh:

He had brown hair with hazel eyes, 5 foot 9, 28 years old or so and 180 lbs.

Next time hopefully he forgets his hankie to stop the sneezes with :unsure:

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That is just so cute! And I am so glad you drink so much coffee, because I'm a sucker for coffee shop observations! Those are some of my favorites! I think it's because, like libraries and book stores, it's generally not noisy in there, and the sneezes take on a new dimension. :laugh: Thanks for sharing!

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Nice obs. Yes, I know people who blow their nose furiously to stop sneezing again - very frustrating it is too!

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Hehee ... something I like a lot.

And when another sneeze does come out while blowing, well, that is even more enjoyable.


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