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Hankman has a BAD headcold ........


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I have been away organising at a conference all week and lots of people, air-con and Noive in the UK means only one thing ........... :laugh: COLDS and I have a doozy of one ........ musts have got through 6 or 7 handkerchiefs since I came back from it and sneezed and blown loads of times..... OOOWW my bose ib now reb and bore

And I feel anobber sneebe cubbing ...UHHHHHHHH

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Bless you!!!!

And yes, we SHOULD know when you have a cold. Well done for reporting in :laugh:

Please keep us posted on the sneezes and which hankies you are using, colours and descriptions please!!!



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Oh poor Hank ! Hugs !

Bless you, and change your hankie in time to keep that red nose dry.

BTW, BAD cold in English translates as GOOD cold in Flemish.

My ancestors may have been fetishists as well :laugh: .

Please keep us updated.


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