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A Kitty Sneeze!

Guest Mingo

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Right, this isn't really much compared to some of my other obs, but I found it adorable so I'm posting it regaurdless...

We've got a cat, as the title would suggest. It was here when I moved in, and I have no idea how old it is, though it seems as though I'm not quite as allergic to it as I am with most cats. Perhaps it's because it's well groomed, stays out of my room, or maybe I just got used to it? I've no idea. Occasionally if I've been around it for a longer period of time, I'll get a bit sniffy, and if I've been touching it I don't dare touch my eyes before washing my hands and such, though that's about it as for as my allergy goes with this cat in particular.

Anyways, my roomie and Miso ( the cat ) simply ADORE eachother. A lot of the time, if the cat's indoors, they'll be together...Sleeping, cuddling...All that sort of thing.

Today, they were both on the floor, lying on their backs, looking at eachother upside-down...I've no idea why he insists on being in the same position as the cat, though I've done it a few times as well, so I shouldn't really be talking...The cat seems to find it amusing anyhow, so I suppose it sort of classifies as 'playing' with it.

Either way, they'd been laying there watching eachother for a few moments, when I hear a fairly deep breath being drawn. Just in time, or so it seems, I look over. "...eh-SHOO!...Ugh, bless me..." His head seemed to barely jerk from the sneeze, and so the spray went directly up into the air, undoubtedly getting the cat once if fell back down. If it felt it at all or not, I don't know, but it gave a soft, annoyed sort of 'mrrrrrr!', reached out with a paw ( claws still in, thank goodness ) and gave him a whack on the nose.

...Of course, I had to respond to this with an audible 'Awww...!', and adding on a 'bless you' to the end as a bit of an afterthought. This earned me a definate glare from the room mate ( be it because of the crooning or the blessing, or even both, I don't know ), and a sort of confused look from the cat, though the cat always sort of looks confused anyway no matter what I do or say.

As just a bit of an update, I think I'm finally getting over my cold...I'm definately glad, because if I didn't show up for work on monday, I think my boss would murder me...I'm generally the only one who shows up as of late, though I don't think I'd have been much help anyway, since one can't do very much work with the memory of a goldfish and an attention span to match. Either way, ill or not, it looks as though I'll be heading back into work on monday. Perhaps even tomorrow or sunday, though I really hope that doesn't happen...Weekends and working don't go together well with me.

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Interesting obs. There have been posts about cats reacting to sneezes - usually unfavorably! Miso seems pretty mild - probably in love with your room mate!

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I loved this obs, thank you!!! And WELL DONE for blessing your friend!!! :bleh:

I hope you are still all sneezy next week, even though you have to go to work! (sorry ;) )

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That was kind of cute! There's just something about sneezy boys and cute kitty cats that hits me right in the heart! :)

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That is so unbelievably *HOT*! Wow... I love it when cats cause sneezes for guys like that. I just totally melted, and now I'm kinda squirming. Mmmm... and I'm sorry to hear that you were sick; I assume you're better now. Still, it's a sexy thought. ^^;


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