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Male Obs in the car


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Yesterdy was filled with offsite meetings (insert sleeping icon here). My boss and his secretary were going and said I needed to come along and to choose the other person to go with us. I picked one of the younger guys and told my boss it was a "learning experience" for him. In all reality he's a fun guy who was only coming to keep me entertained enough so I didnt slip into a boredom induced coma (I hate these meetings).

He's in his early 20's, part hispanic, tall with an athletic build (played quarterback in high school and college) and is apparently very good looking since the ladies are always falling all over him. Towards the end of the day I noticed he was sniffling some and sounding a bit congested. We were waiting for our boss and his secretary to use the washroom before we left when he turned to the side and let out a medium huuchhooo sounding sneeze. He quickly apologized and said he hates sneezing in front of people. Ok so this might be a fun hour ride back to the office.

We pile into the backseat and we're off. I steer the conversation towards football to help ensure that we are totally ignored from the front seat and it works wonderfully. He keeps rubbing his nose and you can tell he's trying to hold back another sneeze. After about 20 minutes he turns and sneezes into his jacket/shoulder 5 totally silent sneezes with just a slight head bob for each one :bleh: Not sure exactly how he did that but he looked pretty dizzy after. Not a bad start to the weekend.

Flying out in a few hours for a business trip, back late weds. Hopefully with a few good obs to share.

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Yes, hopefully that flight and trip are going to be good for some more obs from him! He sounds like a real cutie, but then I do have this thing for men who are tall, dark, and handsome, and sneeze a lot!

Thanks for sharing! I feel so bad that he stifled those sneezes. Too bad he hates sneezing in front of other people. Oh well, please keep us posted on any future sneezes.

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