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Another wee backdated R. obs (m)


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Colorado's recent post about the bloke blowing his nose so as not to sneeze again reminded me of this one, so I thought I'd share it...

R. and I had been out for an evening drink and afterwards we sat in his car and kissed a while. I closed my eyes, enjoying the kiss and re-living some of his past sneezes ... it was quite spooky, because then he slowly pulled away from me as we were kissing ... I thought maybe he wanted to talk or something, but he just looked straight ahead for a moment then turned away from me to his right and sneezed, "Ahhchoo ..... AhhhTISHOOO!" Nice, fully-sounded out sneezes, perhaps a bit more restrained than usual.

"Bless you," I said.

"Excuse me," said R. and turned back and continued kissing me. I was very happy by now as you can imagine, and even more so when he started sniffling. He doesn't usually sniffle much, as he blows his nose so often and vigorously, so I was enjoying the sniffling very much indeed.

After kissing a while longer, interjected with at least five definite sniffles, he pulled away again.

R: "I think I'm going to sneeze again......" ... pause ... "Actually I'd better blow my nose, it might stop me sneezing."

Me "Noooooo! Sneeze some more!!!" (actually I didn't say that aloud :bleh: )

He got his hanky out (white one) and gave his nose a good loud blow, and then sadly the sniffles and sneezes went away.



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Nice! Who doesn't like kissing and sneezing? I only wish something like that happened to me. :)

Thanks for sharing! I never get tired of R observations! :)

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