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Cold Obs from the boyfriend (M, obviously)


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So, my boyfriend, B, is sick with a mild cold....something very unexpected, because he claims to NEVER get sick. I had been hoping that was an exaggeration, and it turns out that either 1) it was false boasting or 2) a miracle occured and by some crazy chance he finally did get sick. I believed him at first, because he takes good care of himself and his body, and has a fairly good immune system.

Anyway, although I've been having trouble keeping up online and posting, I wanted to share a few quick kinda-obs from him to at least put a small amount of contribution forth.

I don't see him sneeze naturally much because of his mental block, and only have a few times since I told him about the fetish. So, as guilty as I feel sometimes for somewhat "enjoying" his suffering (or a specific part of his suffering) I still feel a little lucky that not only is he sick, but he's sneezy-sick. I still don't get to witness a large portion of his sneezes or see them up close because of the block, but have gotten luckier lately than I have since telling him, so that has to count for something, right? :D

First, he's rather congested and it's super cute...I hardly see him so vulnerable and it makes me ridiculously hot for him. His voice is all deep, scratchy, and throaty, and he's sniffly and stuffed up, but it's not an overabundance of congestion where I can't understand what he's saying. For me, the congested talk that comes with being sick can either be a big turn on or a huge turn off, depending on the amount and how it affects someone's speech. B sounds absolutely adorable- and what's even better, and cuter, is how flustered he gets with his cold. It took him a bit of prodding to finally admit he was sick, and even now, after giving in to what he knows to be true, he completely hates it....after every other sniffle or cough, he groans. And they aren't "Oh pity me, woe is me" groans, they're "Dammit I hate being sick" groans, and they make me stupidly giddy.

Yesterday is when I first realized that he was unquestionably sick, and that his cold WAS a sneezy cold, which I wouldn't have expected. The night before, he had a few false starts, which made me suspicious, because he never seems to feel like he has to sneeze when I'm around, but I got to witness quite a few (all delicious- I would hear his breath catch and turn to look at him, only to see his eyes half closing, mouth parted....but then he would lose them). Then yesterday, my grandma was in town, and so we went to lunch and shopped, while B stayed home.... and he texted me numerous times while I was gone, telling me each time he sneezed, which ended up being a total of around 12 times I think. He even texted me, all excited because he had sneezed a triple, which has only happened one other time in his life. At this time, I was convinced he was sick....because although he hadn't sneezed around me, (damn mental blocks) as soon as I left he was able to, and did much more than normal. I raced home hoping I would get to catch the tail end of the sneeziness and get lucky, but no dice. :bleh: As soon as I got home, there were no more sneezes, but there were more false starts...and he induced a few times to relieve the pressure in his head, which was nice. Still enough to work me up, so that by the time we went to dinner with my family that night, I was in an uncomfortable siutation. (Dinner with family while horny= :innocent: ) He was sniffly throughout the whole thing, and then finally stifled a couple of sneezes almost completely silently as we were getting up to leave the restaurant, looking miserable but making me all melty-ish. I tended to him the rest of the night but his mental block seemed to win yet again, other than a small crack in its armor.

Today was the closest I've gotten to seeing his block break down. He had a pressure headache this morning, and induced a few times while I was in the shower to help clear his head and nose. They were all really throaty and dry, but forceful, like "Hih...haACHH!" and they sounded rather painful...but sexy. :innocent: I didn't know he was going to do it more than the first time, and when he did it a second time, I almost fell down in the shower, and blessed him, weak knees and all, and when he thanked me, his voice was breathy and faltering...like he was going to sneeze again. He didn't, but I LOVE hearing that voice.....the same voice people get when they're pre-sneeze and trying to talk. He ended up inducing a 3rd time, and it happened the same way....me blessing him and him trying to thank me but having trouble getting the words out because he felt another sneeze impending. It was lovely, but I was still hoping to catch a natural cold sneeze. (But hey, I'll settle.)

We decided to clean out both our cars today, then wash mine. Because B was feeling sneezy, and the sun was shining really bright, I was hopeful (he's photic- when I'm not around, that is). The closest I came was when I was washing my car out in the front yard, and around the side of the house, from our balcony, I heard a sneeze ( I knew it was him, although it was somewhat faint)...it was one of those undescribable ones, with a sound I can't spell...(my fav. kind) but it was loud, forceful, and more wet than the ones I descibed earlier (the induced ones.) The closest I can get is " Hh’ATTSSCHU!!" But even that doesn't do it justice. So now I finally know what his cold sneezes sound like, and they're most def. different, and very ;) . I didn't get to see it, but I'm really happy that I was able to hear it, even at a distance. He came around the house to help me wash the car a few mins later, and asked me really sweetly (in his stuffed up voice) "Did you hear that?" I just about melted. He told me he had felt the tickle, and just looked up at the sun, and the rest is history.

I also got to hear one more, when I was upstairs in the house, and he was downstairs in the driveway digging in his car for something. I heard him, although faintly, through the window...same unspellable noise...and he came upstairs and asked me again if I had heard him sneeze. I was grinning like an idiot, but pretended like I hadn't just because I wanted to hear him describe the situation....which he did, and it was the same as before. (Looked at the sun to help him along.) He's just darling when he's sick. I thought I preferred allergies to colds, but maybe I'm changing my mind....(he doesn't have allergies, anyway.)

Anyway...thats all I have for now, but I thought I would share my semi-observations....the closest thing I've had to an obs in a long while. Damn TX for its sneeze droughts... :laugh:

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Ooohhh, gotta love those colds, because some of those sneezes end up sneaking out even with a mental block! I'm so happy for you! I often say that I don't get sick very often, either. Which I really don't, but it still does happen every once in awhile! I got sick last year around this time, only it wasn't a sneezy cold, which sucked for me!

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That does suck for you...but maybe you'll still get lucky soon, never know!! And thank you! Yes, colds are lovely....they help with mental blocks by sometimes making it impossible to NOT sneeze, no matter what. Mmm... :blushing:

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Thanks for sharing that, I'm glad to hear you got some delicious natural sneezes from your boyfriend, even if you didn't see them! :drool:

My boyfriend is also the type never to get sick, the ONE time he got a cold was just over three months ago, and whoa, he totally had that hot "congested" thing you are talking about going! :D But then the cold only lasted for like a day! The next day when he came and visited me at work he was only a little bit sniffly, and the day after it was like nothing had ever happened! Bah... ok... I should be happy he felt better... But R doesn't have allergies and I love colds! (So I'm glad they are also becoming all the more appealing to you now... :twisted: )

Sometimes if R sneezes a lot when I'm not around he gets really excited to share it and msges me too! I love it but it drives me insane with jealousy that I wasn't right there to catch the action!!

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Awwww!!! That is so cute. I LOVE that whole tortured expression thing oh and the voice cracking type of thing that happens sometimes if people sneeze mid sentence. :) I Die!!

Thanks so much for sharing this. :(

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Yes, thanks for sharing!!!! Colds can either be really wonderful or frusterating..or sometimes both. I am sure there are a lot of us here that can empathize with you. I know I can ;)

It will be okay. Mental blocks suck and M and I are trying to get through his. Hang in there. Once he breaks through it, it will be so wonderful for you!

Thanks for posting. This was hot. I love colds!!!


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That was an awesome obs. Since I'm new to this forum, I don't know your story, but from what I can understand, your boyfriend can't sneeze around you. Does he have the fetish? I'm kind of confused. Either way, that's gotta be torture. Still, very nice cold obs.

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