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Haven't had a Sneezy Saturday in awhile, until today


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All right, I was starting to think that I was going through some sort of sneeze-drought at work lately, only getting a few here or there. Well, today that all changed for the better! YAY for cold season!!! ;)

About an hour after I got to work, this African American guy I work with, Ken, let three sneezes rip right in front of me. I was stepping out of the phone center, when he fired off two imemdiately, and then he kept that dazed look on his face, kind of spun around a little,a nd then sneezed the third, final, and loudest sneeze. I said, "Wow, bless you Ken." He just kind of grumbled, he's kind of a crab anyway. I think he's mnetioned allergies before, and sometimes I hear him sneeze in doubles or triples, but haven't ever seen it until today.

Not long after that little episode, I had a customer who was pushing a flat cart past my desk. I was working on one of the morning reports, an dsitting behind the computer. He paused, and then sneezed into his right hand, a deep, wet sneeze. Then he shook his head and sniffled afterwards. I peeked around my computer and said, "Bless You." He looked a bit startled at first, then saw me, smiled and said, "Thanks."

Another customer, kind of cute, with a neatly trimmed beard and moustache, wearing all Lowe's #48 Jimmie Johnson apparel, came walking towards my desk a little later. He was just leaving the paint department, and boy was I glad I happened to look up. I swear, this guy had the most amazing pre-sneeze face I've seen in a long time, so desperate! He raised his left hand towards his face, kind of fought it for a few seconds, and then sneezed a nice, wet one, "Eh-chhisshhuh!" right onto the back of his hand (yummy :bleh: ). He was definitely too far away to bless, but I definitely saved that one in my memory banks for later!

My last cutie that sneezed for me today was my assistant manager Eric. His sneezes are so damn soft and cute, I was so glad to witness one,a dn hear two more. The first one came right as I was walking into the phone center to ask him a question. He was sitting in a chair, kind of far away from me. It all happened really quick, he brought his left arm up towards his face and sneezed gently into the crook of his elbow. I blessed him (no one else did), and he gave me the most adorable, sheepish grin ever! I'm not entirely sure, but perhaps he caught the way I was looking at him? He's kind of a sexual creature, so maybe he recognized the look on my face? :D Probably not, but the smile was too much! I blushed and left without asking him what I needed to. Then later in the day, I was standing at the desk,a nd heard one of his sneezes from inside the phone center. I figured he needed my help for something, and started to walk in there, and then I heard it again! By the time I opened the door, he was done sneezing, just rubbing his nose and sniffling. But, it was so darn adorable!!! Love his sneezes!

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Beautiful descriptions! What a delicious saturday, I must say I'm jealous....but thanks for sharing the wealth by writing about it!!

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What a wonderful sneezy Saturday! Certainly makes up for my sneezeless (but otherwise enjoyable!) Saturday. Update on Eric appreciated too!

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